BzzAgent Green Mountain Coffee Campaign

I received my kit from BzzAgent for the Green Mountain Coffee campaign. I am a no nonsense gal when it comes to making coffee. I have tried many machines in the past and at different price points, but many have left me less thrilled and with a lighter pocket book. I use a simple French Press when I make my coffee. My press is over 20 years old, easy to clean and not having to keep up with the latest “cup” or compatible system they come up with. I can drink and make as much as I want, never having to worry about my coffee getting burned.

I decided to read about the company, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), Inc., before my product arrived to get an idea about what they carried and a little more background information. The company focuses on ethical and environmental standards when it comes to production.  They have a “higher values” system they have implemented in how they treat their employees, coffee growers, to the land’s Eco-system.  It seems to encompass a morality you do not see many manufactures/brands out there use.  Many claim but fall short once you get to see the real picture.  At first, I thought it was a gimmick used to justify the higher price point to consumers but once I read and even reviewed the evidence, Fair Trade is important and implemented in everything GMCR, Inc., does.

How does the coffee taste?  This is really what surprised me more….it’s great.  Better than the leading brand and smoother.  You get a full flavored drink by using the recommended amount and I like strong coffee.  The bitter notes are non-existent, so no masking with creamers, flavorings, and sugars are required.  I used less sugar than usual and found myself enjoying the base product, the forgotten COFFEE much more.  I actually liked tasting the coffee and this meant less calories when making a cup and a more satisfied palette.  I shared my samples with friends and handed out my coupons, to just find myself being asked for more of both.  I recommend trying this coffee and you will not only enjoy the taste but you get that extra “feel good” feeling for supporting a brand that cares about their impact not only environmentally, but also how they treat their employees.

I received all associated products at no (ZERO) charge.  I am not obligated by either company in supplying a favorable and/or unfavorable opinion.  My commitment is to supply an HONEST review and opinion.  My opinion may differ from yours, but is all my own.



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