Old Navy & Crowdtap Dress Campaign

I am member of Crowdtap and part of the Old Navy Style Council. One of the perks of being a member is being able to have “share parties”, where you and a guest visit an Old Navy store and pick-up items for free. I have participated in several of these parties from Tank-tops, Active Wear, to the latest Shorts collection. This time I was ecstatic to be able to participate in the latest Dress Collections from Old Navy. I received a coupon for myself and one for a guest (friend). They had many styles and colors to choose from. I wanted to add to my little black dress collection, so I opted for the one below:

No need to dry-clean and that is a major plus in my book because I never make it to the dry-cleaners, and always have a bag of items that I truly intend to take but never do. I love with the weather we get in California, I can add a Cardigan for the colder days but can be comfortable and still look stylish for the warmer ones.

My friend opted for the latest trend, Sweater Dresses. I loved this one but did not want to walk out looking like a twin so I am waiting for the other color to come in stock and in my size. I also like that the dress can work as a top with skinny jeans. Very trendy and versatile.

Like always, Old Navy charges fair prices for what they sell. Make sure to cruise the Clearance section because you can find the best bargains there on items that they quickly clear out. I always check on-line http://www.oldnavy.com on what I want to look for beforehand because I tend to lose focus when I enter the store. They have so many items that I tend to forget what I was looking for in the first place so this gives me ideas on what items I want to see in person. I always walk away purchasing more than I planned for but I never regret it because most times it’s because the items had sale prices that I did not plan for. They even had dog jackets on clearance, so of course I picked one up!


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  1. angel poling
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 16:39:54

    I always get suckered on their clearance too. Especially the kids shoes, and tshirts. And I love how soft their cotton clothes are. I like the black dress you picked out.


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