Montagne Jeunesse: 7th Heaven Million Year Mud Masque

So, what exactly is the Million Year Mud Masque?

I received the masque from Swaggable, a program which lets you sample products in exchange for an honest review. I have used many of the masques that are part of the Montagne Jeunesse family, also known as “7th Heaven” ( I had not used the Million Year Mud masque from this company, so I was excited when I received it.

What’s in it?
You have Rhassoul Mud, which is a mineral rich clay from Morroco. The clay helps soften the skin and aids in reducing acne, sebum secretions that result in break-outs, clogged pores, black heads and all those unlikable bumps. Other benefits that this magical clay provides, is regeneration of new skin cells and you know this results in a fresh looking but also feeling skin. It’s that glow we seek! The mud aids in re-balancing the surface of the skin and you get pores that are tightened and diminished in size.

Think of it as a cleansing and nutrition for your face that has zero calories but there is more in this buffet. You have Organic Manuka Honey and as we have heard, it’s medicinal properties help in healing to even having antibacterial components that help disinfect.

Next you have Organic Shea Butter. Shea Butter is not only a great agent that helps soften the skin because of it’s nourishing properties found in the oil, but it’s also packs anti-inflammatory power. You get that soothing relief you will see and feel. You can start seeing the balance this mask creates, you have the clay that cleans and strips dead cells and then comes the other ingredients like the Manuka Honey and Shea Butter, that feed your skin!

The next item is Organic Juniper Berries. I know, I said, “what”? too. I could not recall or even know of a time I read Juniper Berries in a beauty product so I looked it up because I only know how to cook with them. From what I gathered, the Greeks used these berries for their medicinal properties and they were ahead of the times because there are studies regarding arthritis, rheumatism to even appetite suppression. From what I concluded, the berry aids with inflammation and because of it’s pepper like properties, it may help with the tightening of the skin. I also found that the natural fragrance they emit is considered to be aromatherapy and I like that being used over some synthetic ingredient that really just damages your skin.

You then have Organic Elderflower, Organic Ginseng and Organic Clove. The aforementioned ingredients did not have spectacular benefits but small things about Ginseng slowing the aging process (even though I could not find conclusive studies), to clove oil having antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Does it Work?
YES! I love this masque and it’s my favorite so far because I saw visible changes after removing. I even used the left-over as a spot treatment and it worked better than other major brands I have spent more money on. At about $2.50 a packet, you can’t beat it! My pores were smaller and I did get the results listed, a temporary tightening of the skin that gave me a smoother look. I will be repurchasing this one immediately. I also like that the product starts with Aloe juice and not water like so many beauty products. It’s packed with benefit after benefit and this clay is magical. My skin had it’s best week after I treated it to the Million Year Mud masque. No bumps of any kind or clogged pores (even clear around the nostril area).

I recommend you “Feed your Skin” with this masque and you will be thankful you did!  You can connect with Montagne Jeunesse on-line at ; via FaceBook at; or via Twitter at


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