BzzAgent Campaign: RedBox Instant by Verizon (BETA)

Great streaming quality and I love the ability to go out and get the latest releases. The problem I found was when it came to selection. This was a major issue because what you can stream is so limited and very old releases. The selection is limited with even some titles being dropped off from the “on-line kiosk” soon.

The price point of $8 is fair when you get 4 credits at the stand-alone kiosks, however I would not pay for streaming what they have. Why pay $8 when what you will use is the 4 rental credits and still have to drive out to the kiosk to rent and then again to return? I have to still factor in the gas for returns into the total “entertainment” budget and the only way I would remain a member, if what I could stream would be worth the additional $4. I prefer even being capped on streaming unlimited on old releases, but allowing 4 movies to be streamed from a “New Releases” menu too. The price then would be perfect and the service usable but as-is, nope! As it stands right now in beta mode, this program would be a waste in my household because I only found two movies that we may want to stream and that was even reaching, as one was Paranormal Activity 3. Yikes!


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