Swaggable brings you WAFU Original Japanese Vinaigrette

WAFU Original Japanese Vinaigrette


I love Japanese cuisine and I make a great sticky rice with vegetables when we have our “trips to the Orient” on dinner nights.  I am always a little lost when I want a salad with my meal because I was unsure how to still make it go flavor wise with dinner.  I ended up using a cold pressed Sesame oil that I emulsify with a little Olive oil and a red wine vinegar.  The dressing was sort of there taste wise but was missing something that truly incorporated it with my meal.  The worst thing you can have is an “almost there” dressing, so let’s say my Japanese homemade dressing did not get made very often.


WAFU is the answer to my salad dilemma!  They take Canola oil, water, rice vinegar, Soya sauce, Soybeans, sea salt, onion and sugar to create a well balanced flavor that I love.  WAFU also adds garlic, Sesame oil, and the only odd ingredient was pasteurized frozen egg yolk but again, you recognize easily what the product contains.  I imagine the yolk gives it that yummy creaminess, so I welcome it!  They use zero colors or artificial flavors.  The product has 0 grams of Trans Fat per serving and is also Kosher.  A serving size of 1.5 fluid ounces is just 190 calories and my packet that was considered one serving, dressed three salads nicely, so that was a major plus.  The company is based in Canada and is currently working on their US site at: http://www.wafu.us.com.  In the meantime before they launch over here, you can check out their Canadian site at: http://www.wafu.ca/.  They make other dressing varieties like the Original above but also in a “Light” version.  WAFU also makes a Ginger Carrot and Wasabi Edamame.  Have a gluten allergy or you are restricting it from your diet?  WAFU has you covered with their “Natural WAFU Dressings”.  The Natural line is gluten free and GMO free too, plus they have a new flavor called Roasted Sesame.  I put roasted sesame seeds on my salads so this is a flavor I hope to taste in the future.  The Natural line also offers all the above flavors, except there is no “Light” versions available yet.

Taste wise, it is excellent and this I would classify as a creamy vinaigrette.  You pick up the sesame flavors that come through as nutty and roasted.  Very delicious and I can’t wait until they launch in the U.S.  I liked it so much, that I want to be able to try the product on other dishes, like chicken.  This would make an excellent marinade, but I was in salad mode and used mine all up on lettuce.  Definitely a company I will be contacting and I hope to do a follow-up piece on how many ways I can WAFU in the kitchen!  Imagine the Wasabi version used as a dip for tempura shrimps……oh’ my!  Even a fish dish!

I received the above product free of charge from Swaggable and WAFU.  I am not committed in providing a positive/favorable review, just my honest opinion.  I base my review on my experiences with the product, which may differ from yours.


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  1. Gil Michel-Garcia (@GMichelGarcia)
    Mar 23, 2013 @ 07:26:14

    I am really glad that you liked our WAFU Original Japanese Dressing. Send us your address and we will send you a mixed case of all of our products, including our soon to be released Japanese Mayonaizu. We should be readily available online in the US and through out own website in a couple of weeks. Many thanks for your support.


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