Swaggable: 7th Heaven, Montagne Jeunesse Moroccan Clay Gentle Exfoliating Masque


I have reviewed several of the masks from Montagne Jeunesse and the newest Moroccan Clay mask is no exception that low price does not mean low quality.

The product is friendly for all skin types from combination to even sensitive skin. Made with Rhassoul Clay, which is a natural clay fortified with minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, lithium, and other trace elements. This form of clay removes dead cells and allows your skin to naturally replenish and re-balance 7th Heaven added Apricot seeds and Argan shell to aid with exfoliation and also oils so your skin does not dry out. The oils are organic as with most of the ingredients you will find associated with this brand. The key is that the product is gentle because rejuvenation only takes place when performing exfoliation correctly. Many times the urge to over scrub or maybe rub a little deeper than we should, results in redness to even irritations (damage). You may remove the dead skin but also cause damage to the new layer of skin that surfaced. There is such a thing as cleaning too deep; so much so that we remove the good oils that provide moisture and nourishment. I like that this mask sets just in time so that you do not complete the mortal sin of over exfoliating. It allows enough “play time” to remove the yuck and expose the beautiful!

Other Ingredients in the Moroccan Clay Mask:

  • Organic Apricot
  • Organic Argan Shell
  • Organic Cinnamon Oils
  • Organic Marula Oil
  • Organic Orange
  • Organic Sesame

I would repurchase this product because my skin was left feeling soft but not over dry. My skin felt and looked clean, plus I was left with a healthy glow. I noticed the results lasted days later and a smooth surface allowed for less make-up to be needed and easier application.  At a price point of $2.99, you can’t spend three bucks for a beauty product any better way!


For more Information please visit 7th Heaven:

I received the above product from Swaggable and 7th Heaven, free of charge. I am not obligated in providing positive/favorable feedback, just my honest opinion. My review is based on my experience with the brand and/or it’s products, which may differ from yours.

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