Aflac: About One Day Pay℠; “Duck Salon” #SalonDuck #ConnectAflac

This post is sponsored by Aflac.  I was compensated for writing it, but all opinions are 100% percent mine.


We all have those days where we wake up with a nest on our head. Like any duck, a messy nest is no way to keep a home. I have my moments where things just never go as they should and it’s usually when I have an important event the next following day. “Bun hair” is something I suffer from because having longer hair means it gets in the way of everything (no wants hair in their pasta), so I put my hair up and then get that perma-crease, where my feathers just don’t lay as they should.

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My solution would be easy as not carrying an up-do for 3/4 of the day but then I would be one stressed out little critter. Hair styling creams that forgive my ‘do-s” have been my salvation and the best have been those infused with ingredients like Keratin. They allow a shorter blow-out time and it’s easily shortened by 40% if not more. Blow dryers and irons are needed less, meaning less damage from heat. It keeps my hair from tangling too. It can have it’s draw backs where you are leaving a product’s layer on your hair and some see this as protection, while others see it as something to upkeep. My next advice, is using a leave-in that comes off after the first wash. Many products provide softening agents that keep your hair manageable and reduces tangling, plus look for one with oils that are not only added for shine but help replenish moisture. Just air and humidity can wreak havoc on any do and that is something we can’t control!

Watch the Duck do the do:

“Duck Salon” :

Having a duck do your hair is probably not the most advisable but having “Duck Protection” from Aflac is! Why ruffle your feathers with worry when you know you could be covered from sickness to injury in just one business day, with Aflac’s One Day Pay promise.  Eligible claims get processed quickly and approved because time matters and due dates don’t budge because you are hurt and/or sick. Supplemental Insurance is not something we think about and many polices, like those Aflac provides, gives the recipient (and their family) cash benefits. You can apply the predetermined (no surprises!) amount towards everyday living expenses like bills, groceries to car notes and mortgage……or maybe a new stylist! We have been there when it came to a work injury and being able to pay the bills makes a world of difference!  It causes worry and stress…..something we all need less of and coverage of this kind helps with that.

More about Aflac and their One Day Pay Promise-

About One Day Pay℠

  • When a policyholder gets sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits fast – now in as little as ONE business day with the company’s new One Day Pay℠ promise.
  • One Day Pay℠ is Aflac’s way of making sure eligible claims get processed and approved the same day they’re submitted, so policyholders can get paid in just a day. Aflac is built to process and pay – not to deny and delay – to help your life stay on track.
  • A lot of insurance companies talk about how much money they’ll save policyholders on premiums, but people buy insurance to get paid when they need to file a claim. Aflac understands that claims matter and that it’s important to be there for their policyholders when they need it most.


About Aflac

  • In the United States, Aflac is the leading provider of voluntary insurance at the work site. Aflac is different from health insurance; it’s insurance for daily living.
  • Aflac pays cash benefits quickly and directly to you, unless otherwise assigned, to help with out-of-pocket expenses when you’re sick or hurt. The benefits are predetermined and paid regardless of any other insurance you have.
  • Supplemental insurance policies such as accident, critical illness and cancer help protect workers from high out-of-pocket costs that major medical insurance was never designed to cover.
  • Many supplemental insurance policies pay cash benefits that can be used for everyday living expenses like groceries, child care, rent or parking at the hospital.
  • If supplemental insurance policies are not part of your health plan, it may be worth approaching your employer to ask for them.


Visit Aflac to learn about the services they provide at:

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