I-Gruv: All Natural and Handmade Smart Dryer Balls #Review #IGruv


I’m the type of girl that takes the extra time and money when it comes to laundering needs.  I wash my jeans with mild detergents, always turn them inside out and I admit to owning and wearing clothing I had from High School and College.  I treat my clothes nicely because I want it to last and this applies to the $9 shirt to the shirts I paid more than I should have for.  This means I purchase the scent boosters for sheets and really invest in all the perks I can find that will make laundering successful.

Other than just adding a dryer sheet, nothing really special applies to drying other than the settings my dryer offers.  I’m a “delicate” abuser because I find that setting is gentle enough to make my clearance purchase last longer!  I always want to do more for my clothes and when I-Gruv offered their Smart Dryer Balls, I was game!
I-Gruv Smart Dryer Balls offer:
  • 100% Handmade in New Zealand .
  • 100% Natural fibers.
  • Made with Wool, which is also Hypoallergenic.
  • It’s Economical and also a Eco-Friendly way to dry your clothing.
  • Gentle on Fabrics and you reduce your chemical use, which is always a plus for fabrics.
  • Drying Times are shortened, meaning you get through laundering quicker and use less energy.  In other words, they save you money.



 Reviewing these is easy because it’s a product that works or does not.  It was odd to add 3 Smart Dryer Balls to the wet clothes, turn on the machine and walk away.  I used the auto-setting, which tells the dryer to tell me when the cycle is finishing.  My biggest problem is our sheets and comforters.  I have to constantly go in and move the load around for it to dry evenly and effectively.  It’s not labor intensive but a pain when you are doing other tasks around the house, so I tend to forget and then open the dryer’s door to find 1/2 a wet comforter but of course in spots…..never the same side.  I wanted to know how Smart these Dryer Balls are, so I threw the I-Gruv balls to the hardest load and most troublesome I encounter.  In went the all the bed sheets, three balls and I walked away.  The cycle rung at 42 minutes and this is for a queen size fitted sheets, a flat sheet and 4 pillow case.  I laughed like the Dryer told me a joke!  Yeah, my dryer has a sense of humor.  I went to open the door like an automated robot, read to start readjusting the load and then realized that there were no wet patches.  I started to move the load around like I’m looking for change in a couch and no matter where I flipped, touched……no wet spots.  My dryer finally did it’s job and the sheets were perfectly dry and ready to make the bed with.  For once I’m hurrying around trying to make the bed rather than standing at the laundry room’s door waiting for it to tell me again it’s done when it is not.  No extra static because I was concerned that two different materials tossing together could create some.  No odd odors from the balls because they are 100% natural and no extra wrinkles.  Just a perfect set of sheets, dry, and ready to go!

Retail Price Point: $18.74 for a 6-pack on Amazon, that comes with a storage pouch.

Okay, I was not a believer of such things but now I am!  They Smart Dryer Balls from I-Gruv do make some level of noise and this depends on the size of load they are drying.  I call it singing because I prefer adjusting myself to a few bouncy noises and knowing my clothes are perfectly dry after just one cycle.  If the noise bothers, just make sure the load is large enough or do what I do, I only run the dryer when everyone is awake and it bothers no one 🙂

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I received the above product(s) free of charge from I-Gruv.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


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