Nubee: Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer #Review #IRThermometer


A Infrared thermometer is one of those items that you use more than you plan to. I have purchased several and have reviewed a few brands in the past, and I don’t let go of any of them. I make sure to store some in the garage, kitchen to the craft room.

Nubee is the non-contact thermometer business. This is what they do and they do it well. The company offers several models with different options to serve anyone’s needs. I was sent Model No. Nub8500H, Item #700819593013 to review by the company.


The Nubee Temperature gun Thermometer offers:

  • Non-contact reading
  • Saves Data collected
  • The Thermometer can take the highest temperature of the area tested and also save the degrees at the bottom of the screen, so it’s easy to access.
  • Reads degrees in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Takes Accurate temperature readings with this laser-sighted infrared gun-style thermometer
  • There’s also a switch to turn on or off the laser sight and adjust the emissivity on different objects


Emissivity (as listed on-line) is a measure of the efficiency in which a surface emits thermal energy. It is defined as the fraction of energy being emitted relative to that emitted by a thermally black surface (a black body). A black body is a material that is a perfect emitter of heat energy and has an emissivity value of 1.


Retail Price Point: $19.88 via Amazon and qualifies for Amazon Prime free shipping.  The product requires a 9-volt battery and it’s also included.



What I love about non-contact thermometers is their versatility. If I am baking bread, I can easily read the temperature in the oven at 110 degrees, which is the proofing setting I need and my new oven will unfortunately not read temperatures this low. When Grilling, you can read the temperature of the grates so you can guarantee you are at the correct setting for the best cooking. When it comes to crafting, I can test the surface temperature before painting. This comes in handy when you are painting and staining wrought-iron lawn furniture, as objects get hot in the sun and some of the paints I use will only level out and cure properly between certain degrees. I have also been able to use them when I wanted to upgrade the insulation in both the ceiling and walls in the home. I had cold and hot spots that affected the home’s overall temperature, making our air conditioner click on because the thermometer in the hall was reading hot when it was really not hot in the rest of the home. I was able to use the thermometer and it would accurately tell where I was losing energy. An easy fix using spray insulation and where we could, we applied the blanket/roll-out type. An easy DIY fix! The Nubee thermometer did not fail ever. I was able to get accurate readings and pass objects and it would accurately re-adjust the reading every time. Completing tasks are easy when the tools work as they should and Nubee is that tool that will continue to perform as expected every single time you use it!


Connect with Nubee and their array of products at:


I received the above product(s) free of charge from Nubee.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.



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