Beverly Diamonds Silver-Plate and Glass “diamond” Ring

Sometimes, you get products that completely overdeliver, like all the awesome stuff from U.S. Art Supply. And sometimes, you get stuff from a company that makes you wonder why the even bothered. While I would normally not even give a company like this the time of day, I will live up to my promise of reviewing for Tomoson and give this company it’s just desserts.


To start, the company, Beverly Diamonds, is one of the many, many retailers you’ll find in Downtown Los Angeles’ Jewelry District. They are a retailer on the bottom floor of one of the districts many high rise buildings, no doubt one of a number of them in that building. If you’ve ever been in a “jewelry mart” type building, you know the type of stalls they are: Waist high mirrored displays loaded with baubles of all shapes and sizes. Not to worry if the one you walked up to doesn’t have what you’re looking for, the next one over just might. Or the next one. Or the next. You get the idea. I love these type of retailers, and my husband even bought my engagement ring from one, UBS Gems in Fullerton, CA. I was told I’d be reviewing mostly the service and quality of the service, not so much the actual jewelry, since sending gold and diamonds out for review would be, understandably, cost prohibitive. So I was told that I would get a sterling silver setting with a cubic zirconia stone, and could I please also go to Bizrate and Reseller Ratings and review their service there as well? Oh, and don’t say anything about “fake” jewelery or silver rings with zircons in them, because they don’t sell those. Oh…kay. I agreed. I sent them my size and awaited my delivery.

It was really all downhill from there. I noticed that I had, in one instance, given a them my size incorrectly, but had corrected it in all subsequent contact, including where I was asked to verify what size ring I wear. When double checking before shipment, I was told that the wrong size was being sent, sorry. And then…radio silent. No further communication of any kind. No answers to questions, no clarifications. So I waited and thought, well, a middle finger solitaire ring isn’t too bad, right? And then a little tiny envelope arrives from Hill Street in Los Angeles, with one of those tiny little gold foil boxes like one would get from a swap meet jeweler. Inside was my ring, sent first class mail, uninsured. That’s a lot of faith to put in the United Stated Postal Service. My ring, which was indeed a size seven instead of six, was sent after my email double checking the size. It was also fake. And before you say anything about me going back on my word, allow me to explain. I was promised something that was sterling silver. In all the materials I reviewed, the ring was described as “sterling silver”.

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Not silver-plated. Which is what was sent. DSC_0130Along with a glass “diamond” that had no fire or sparkle, like a true zircon. But wait, some of you are thinking a zircon is a fake diamond anyways, so why dither? Cubic zirconia, when done right, is usually visually indistinguishable from a mined diamond. It is created in a lab and mimics almost every property of a natural mined diamond. They can be stunning, and stunningly affordable, and most certainly not “fake”. What I got from Beverly Diamonds was, in fact and every form, a fake. And again, they had no response to this at all. No returned emails, no communication. Suffice to say I won’t be bothering with reviews on Reseller Ratings or Bizrate or any other similar site. I don’t like trashing them here, except I made a promise to another company when I agreed to this promotion saying I would. But I have literally nothing good to say about Beverly Diamonds.

As an aside, a Facebook friend I’ve known personally since junior high school had, sadly, got her engagement ring from Beverly Diamonds. She lost a stone from her ring, and took it back to Beverly Diamonds to be repaired and replaced. When it happened again, rather than drive from the San Gabriel Valley all the way back to the Jewelry District, she took it to another local jeweler. Before working on a ring you did not sell, it is customary to test the setting for looseness and if the stones are genuine diamond in the customers presence so that there’s no shenanigans from either party after. Your jeweler should also test them again upon return as a courtesy. This helps to establish trust and foster a relationship. Upon initial testing, however, this new jeweler found the replaced diamond to not be genuine diamond. When my friend contacted Beverly Diamonds about this, they said that since someone else touched her ring, she had voided her “warranty” and they are not responsible, washing their hands of her.

I cannot, based on my personal and anecdotal experience, recommend anyone do business with Beverly Diamonds. This review was supposed to tell you about their great service, useful website and beautiful products. I experienced none of this and can only imagine how I’d feel if I’d given them my hard earned money.

If you must, connect with Beverly Diamonds:

I received the above product(s) free of charge from Beverly Diamonds.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


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