Gurin’s DHMD-210 Electric Compact Dehumidifier

While I’m always thankful we have our home, there are times I want to strangle the builder for the dumb, lazy ways things were done or built. Like our master bath. Code for our area is such that if there is an exterior window, there’s no need for an exhaust fan. What that means is several times a year I’m forced to wipe the walls down with bleach, and repaint a lot more often that I should. That is, until Gurin offered me their DHMD-210 Compact Dehumidifier to take for a test drive. Bless their hearts!
Using Peltier Technology (which is a fancy way of saying thermoelectric cooling, whereby heat flux is created where two different metals meet), in place of a compressor, this machine manages to be both quiet and suprememly efficient at the same time. And it is indeed whisper quiet, so much so that at times I’ve forgotten it was running. I run it during and after our showers, and in that short time, it manages to collect almost a third of it’s 16 oz. liquid capacity. Draining it is a breeze, too, by just pulling out the reservoir and draining it into the nearest houseplant (this is California, after all. Every drop of water is treated like the One Ring…precious). You could also use this Gurin Dehumidifier in laundry rooms, kitchens, and smaller rooms, too, but for a large bathroom or large room, I’d definitely move up to their Gurin DHMD-310 mid-size unit at least. The fit and finish of the unit is flawless, it’s packaged well with clear, concise instructions, and is a much more energy efficient unit than any ceiling vent would have been. This unit not only reduces mold and mildew, but circulates the air, getting rid of that damp, musty smell some rooms can get. And did I mention it’s just plain cute? Kind of looks like a Star Wars robot sitting on the shelf there.
This unit works well, looks neat, and is so useful I can’t believe I didn’t get one before now. Think of all the time and money (not to mention brain cells) I’d have saved from not having to use so much paint and bleach! Gurin did us a real solid offering us this DHMD-210, and it’s my extreme pleasure to recommend it to everyone very highly. At $44.95, it’s money well spent, and will pay for itself, at least in this house, within 6 months time. Get yours today!
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