Ohuhu 12-Slot Faux-Leather Watch Box

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My husband, bless his heart, is kind of a watch junkie. With only one wrist and many watches, it means he has to cycle through them, and store some others for special occasions. Until very recently the SOP was to wrap the ones not worn in a microfiber cloth and store them in a drawer. Which, I’m told, beats taking them in and out of their original boxes. When Ohuhu offered me their 12-Slot “Leather” Watch Box, it seemed like a match made in heaven.


Solidly constructed out of wood and then lined in a sumptuous beige felt, it sports a glass top and contrast-stiched outside, with a black polyurethane “leather” and white stitches.  The hinged top latches at the front with a high-polished chrome latch as well. Suitable for any desktop, counter, dresser or nightstand, it looks pretty high-end but will only set you back $17.99. And, when I think about the cost of some of Hubby’s watches, under $20 to protect them seems like a pittance. The cushions are decent enough, and we’ve found that, for the few not in use, it’s a perfect place to store his wedding bands (Both the everyday beater and the nice one for when we go out!). Considering that’s the extent of Hubby’s “jewelry”, this could just as easily be called his jewelry case too, if he’d let me. Hubby has watches that range in size from 38mm all the way up to 48mm, and they all fit without a hitch. We;;, one small one: His Sector 600 has a protruding crown guard, which means he can’t store it on the extreme right of the box, but not many watches have those, and a regular crown is no issue whatsoever.


Sometimes it’s easy to overlook how quickly something like a watch can get damaged. Especially those with automatic movements. One drop could spell disaster, and cost hundreds of dollars to fix properly, if at all. When I think of Hubby’s nice watches wrapped in a simple cloth, I shudder to think that he ever stored them in such a fashion. I would spend twice as much to keep them stored safely, but thanks to Ohuhu, I don’t have to. and because it’s an Ohuhu product, you know it’s quality and made to last.



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