Milumia: White Dress with Crochet/Lace Sleeves and a Tassel Bottom #Review


Buying clothing on-line can be tricky at times and especially when you need an article for a special event and on short notice. I find that everyone’s size small is not the same but at most stores or even internet clothing sites, you can at least error on the side of caution that you can give or take a few inches. I love it when sites list actual measurements because let’s face it, you are cutting fabric to a certain dimension to give it a size. Sounds simple!


Not so simple when the measurements do not match the article of clothing. Let me start by saying I range between a size small in some brands and medium in others. My chest is usually what makes me go up on size because I dislike that feeling of sleeves being pulled if a shirt is too tight in the front. In comes Milumia that thankfully lists the measurements in centimeters, but gives the shopper an idea of sizing. Dresses are a safe bet because you don’t usually have to worry about waist and hip sizes with certain styles and especially those worn in Summer. I wanted dresses that have a light fabric, so these being 100% rayon allowed the fabric to remain light and breathable.


Let me start with the first dress. I ordered size small and it was still not small enough. Extra small at the time was not available. The dress is white in color in the photograph with matching crocheted-like details on the sleeves. You then have a tassel border along the bottom of the dress. The sleeves are kind of bell shaped but not fluted out drastically. So, I felt safe and especially when the page listed the model’s sizes (i.e. chest, waist, ect.) and stated she was wearing a small.

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When I received the dress, the dress is white and the crocheted sleeves are another tone of white, maybe even ivory/cream in color. The difference is noticeable and if the tassel bottom was the same tone, you could see the accents being off color but they are not; the tassels at the bottom are as white as the dress itself. Now, the cut is large. Very large. Like it’s a bell shaped dress that does not rest in the same flowing fashion as it does on the model. Easy fix as I do own a sewing machine and plan to just sew off several inches and this may allow the fabric to rest as it does in the picture. I can’t do anything about the color matching issue but I will be satisfied using the dress after swimming. It’s comfortable and not see through as some white fabrics tend to be. The sleeves are also so long on me and do not rest below the elbow as pictured. More than 3/4 in length and the crocheted detailed would be more appreciated if they were not so baggy that the heavy lace folds into itself. At $25.99 and with the sizing being so off, the color differences in fabric not matching like they do in the photograph…….well, it’s a little over priced in my opinion. I can see $16.99 to$19.99 for a beach dress that you can wear if you want to hit the local shops or catch a quick bite to eat. I gave the dress an extra star because I can fix it and I can’t ignore that fact. I will still end up with a usable dress I can wear but it will be more tailored to look like the picture and not have it look like a tent that hides any curves you may have.

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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Milumia. I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion. I received no other compensation in exchange for my review. My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


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