Best Buy Experience BlogHer Summit Booth Visit

We all have our mobile devices attached to our hip, and rarely do we review what we’re paying every month for to make sure what we have meets our needs. Best Buy pointed out a new (to me) feature, their “Mobile Plan and Compare tool”. Does your carrier still cover you well? Do you have access to the 4g LTE bands you need to make the most of your phone? What category and speeds do you get? What speeds and data do you need? Did you know something like 50% of all cell phone users are overpaying for features and data they don’t use? I found out I was! You can head in to any Best Buy store for a free, no-obligation evaluation today, no appointment needed. If you haven’t ever thought about these things, then the Best Buy Mobile Plan and Compare tool is totally for you.

BlogHer Mobile Image

And I just happened to see a new bauble that really caught my eye, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Hubby’s been saying for months we need a new phone, and despite it being much more phone than I would need, it have the power and features that put a lot of those so-called “flagship” phones to shame. I love the camera, quick shutter, excellent low-light photos, the in-camera HDR and high resolution, DSLR quality photos…And that screen! Sharp, crisp, with a pixel density that makes my current phone look downright fuzzy! This is a phone to aspire to!

BlogHer Mobile Image 2

I’ m really thankful for these opportunities from BlogHer and Best Buy, because being an LG gal, I might not have looked Samsung’s way, but man am I glad I did.


The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free


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