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As a parent, you don’t want to follow the easy way, that is not always the best when it comes to what your child needs. You need products that work because your child is in constant transitioning and learning. Like adults, you do your best when you are not limited by the products you selected. Pampers offers both protection with ease of use, for parents and their toddlers . Call it a 2-in-1!

Pampers Easy Ups make the period of change from diapers to underwear simple, so you need a product you and your child can depend on. Having a product that already offers the comfort of underwear but also the protection for those “oops moments”. Training pants need to be able to put up with a child on the move! No discomfort while your toddler is walking, running and exploring to even those unplanned adventures, a parent needs to be able to know their kids can have a positive potty training experience. It’s what makes potty training not seem like a mountain you need to trek with an impossible peak you can’t even see.



Easy Ups by Pampers has thought of it all to make it a welcoming experience for the parent and their child:

  • Parents can depend on the 360 degree of stretchy waistband that easily can be pulled up or down by your toddler.
  • The inside is soft and just like normal underwear but with Pampers patent “Extra Absorbing Channels”, which provide protection against leaks when your kid is on the move. The Dual Leak Guard Barriers keeps the legs dry and leak free.
  • Parents also can easily remove Easy Ups when needed because Pampers thought of everything, so Easy Ups tear at the sides for easy removal.
  • You have 24/7 protection while they sleep comfortably because potty training should not be a battle, it should be just another adventure. You want your toddler to be able to get a goodnight’s rest and not be kept up by discomfort even when their dry and accident free.
  • Pampers Easy Ups come in several sizes from 2T-3T, 3T-4T, and 4T-5T.
  • Your toddler can also choose from popular character from Thomas the Engine to Dora the Explorer. You also have the brand-new Hello Kitty prints!

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What’s best is you can save by printing the coupon below from, to easily save $2.00 off one pack of Pampers Easy Ups in any print. Simply visit:

If you don’t have an account already, it is simple to open one up and start printing and saving.

Pampers also offers a Pampers Reward Program where you can get the latest information on current and upcoming products, savings and more. Let Pampers Easy Ups make the most of everyday for you and your child.  Make sure to connect with Pampers below via all the social links provided.  *Hint this will also get you ready and set for the giveaway!


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Pampers Easy Ups work and I can depend on knowing they are soft and comfortable for your toddler but at the same time when accidents happen, I can quickly remedy the situation and get back to potty training.  It’s from the elastic to the absorbing pads that make you and your toddler not be discouraged by an oops and a child can easily take control of their potty training by being able to easily pull down and up the training pants.  There is the reason why certain brands like Pampers becomes the go-to brand for many parents.




Training Tips by Dr. Tanya Altman, a 14 year Pediatrics doctor with a busy practice in Calabasas, California:

Remember to make it fun to remain it being a positive experience.  Encouragement can come in many ways from placing the Pampers Easy Ups in their own drawer, as you would do with normal underwear.  This gets your toddler excited on the changes taking place.  Patience is key and that means for both the parent and the child.  Rushing potty training when the experience is still new and unfamiliar, is not best. Not all kids are ready at the same age but usually you start training between the age of 2 and 3.  Some kids may even show signs they are ready to begin, which is always a plus!  This can come in wanting to go potty like the bigger kids to how parents do.  This is where having a training pants like Easy Ups from Pampers helps.  A toddler can easily pull off and on Easy Ups, just like real underwear.  This helps in also alerting an adult a child needs to use the restroom. Being able to communicate is key and that means each child will have a way to inform a parent they need to go, so see what signs your kid gives.  Teaching them how to use the potty themselves is again another milestone they can achieve as they train.  Reward systems help, from a sticker, a song to a dance.  This lets your child know they are doing well and remember accidents happen.  You begin again and it is not something you discipline over because again potty training should be kept positive!



*****Giveaway Details*****:

Giveaway for a #PampersEasyUps prize package, which will include:

  • $50 AMEX Card
  • Pampers Easy Ups
  • Ilana Wile’s book, “The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting”

All you have to do to enter is-

  1. Please comment on this Blog post and share this blog post via Twitter (retweet)
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  3. That is all!


I even make it easy and you can use the Twitter button below that automatically completes the tweet, just add @Pampers.

Or copy and paste this- @Pampers : New Easy Ups Review, Coupon and Gift Card #Giveaway #PampersEasyUps #Sponsored

Giveaway ends on October 4th and winner will be notified that same day.  I will need the winner’s contact information by October 6th to provide to the sponsors.  Winner’s full name, address (no PO Boxes), Pampers Easy Ups size/gender, and a phone number for shipping purposes will be needed. Only one unique giveaway winner per giveaway allowed.  Thank you and good luck!!


Connect with Pampers at:


This post and giveaway were made possible by iConnect and Pampers Easy Ups. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.  #Sponsored



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    Absolutely amazing blog post. Love the pull ups I have two nieces that can absolutely use these right now.


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  12. Debbie F
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    I love pampers easy ups, they make potty training a little easier. (It’s still hard though). 😀


  13. Jessica To
    Sep 21, 2016 @ 13:30:53

    Pampers makes great products. We’ve used Easy Ups!


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    Done! I absolutely LOVE Hello Kitty so I am super excited that Pampers decided to make her available as a new design option. My little one is about to start potty training so it’s right on time! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂


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  20. Naomi Barton
    Oct 09, 2016 @ 16:42:25

    We’ve been using the sticker system with my 2 year old it’s my favorite and it’s a good incentive and has been helping during the fun times of potty training 🙂 I love your idea of putting them in his drawer like big boy underwear I hope this helps him too thanks!


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