SheSpeaks: Lancome DreamTone Customized Skin Tone Correcting Serum

I received the DreamTone by Lancome from SheSpeaks and with the hefty price tag of $98.00, this was a product that had to wow me with results to make it worthwhile.


What it Does:
DreamTone is a customized skin-tone correcting serum. I like serums because they are usually light in texture and quickly absorbed by my skin. My pigmentation selection was no. 1 for Fair complexions, however the line also comes in no. 2 for Medium skin-tones and no. 3 for Darker complexions. DreamTone is formulated as a dark spot and blemish diminisher, meaning it will lighten the pigmentation associated with these marks. It reduces redness and also targets imperfections and you are left with a overall smooth skin appearance that improves with use. Changes and improvements should be seen and felt at the one week period with a higher satisfaction rate at the 4 week point. Maximum overall changes should be present in 8 weeks.


Ingredients: Water, Cyclohexasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Alcohol Denat., Hydroxypropyl Tetrahydropyrantriol, Squalane, Isopropyl Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Polysilicone-11, Peg-10 Dimethicone, Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid, Grifola Frondosa Fruiting Body Extract, Carbomer, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Hydroxide, Inulin Lauryl Carbamate, Aluminum Hydroxide, Mannitol, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, Ammonium Polyacryldimethyltauramide / Ammonium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate, Disodium Edta, Disodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Capryloyl Salicylic Acid, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15, Ethylhexyl Hydroxystearate, Acrylates Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Ci 19140 / Yellow 5, Ci 75470 / Carmine, Ci 77163 / Bismuth Oxychloride, Ci 77891 / Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Geraniol, Eugenol, Limonene, Citronellol, Benzyl Alcohol, Fragrance.

I was able to test DreamTone a little shy of 4 weeks and was able to get an idea if DreamTone is a buy or pass.


  1. At the 1 week point, I did notice that my skin remained smooth and I very much like how the product distributed throughout my skin. Cosmetics tended to flow better, as in foundations went on smoother and I did not have any negative effects like make-up caking up hours later or any adverse skin issues. The product did not increase any acne breakouts but it also did not decrease them. I did not notice any pigmentation changes in the first 7 days.
  2. At the 2 week period, I still benefited from the aforementioned results and did notice a “glow” improvement in my skin. I had a nice healthy shine that was not greasy or oily in nature, more like a brightness. My skin did remain healthy looking but again no improvement in any of the pigmentation issues or skin tone improvements.
  3. I reached the 3 week mark and with continual use, I did feel my skin improve by retaining a healthy glow and my skin’s dullness had improved. My imperfections, like the small darker tone marks that I had from my last break-out (3 weeks ago), were lighter. Going by the history of how my skin rejuvenates on it’s own with exfoliation, this is my regular cycle so I did not reward those benefits to Lancome’s DreamTone. I thankfully have fair skin that tends to fight to remain pale no matter how much I wish to tan and thankfully this goes for any marks I may get for popping a blemish I should have left alone. Hard to detour from such behavior when my punishment only last about 3 to 4 weeks on my face!
  4. Reaching the 4 week time span, I found that I like to use DreamTone as a base/primer for my make-up. The product really does help achieve the greatest results in a smooth make-up application even though this was not an advertised claim. I did not breakout from the product as DreamTone tends to protect my skin nicely. I even experimented with several new cosmetic lines and did not get the punishment I usually get by getting new blemishes or skin reactions like clogged pores or even redness. I did feel that the serum provides a almost preventative effect. Mattifying  or evening of the skin-tone was achieved but my freckles and the appearance of dark spots did not reflect a noticeable difference, but technically I am still in the middle of what is considered optimum results in 8 weeks.


Would I buy it?
This is where some of us take for granted results already obtained, we make them ours and forget what got us there in the first place. DreamTone did smooth out and even my skin’s tone, plus it made my make-up perform better. In other words, it improved how my cosmetics work and also protected me when I used a new product. That alone has a value but I’m unsure on the $98 price point for what I really used as a base (primer?) and still had to take into consideration the cost of a moisturizer and an anti-aging product. With continual use, DreamTone should give me skin that needs less coverage from make-up and give me the courage to go bare……but I’m not there yet! Have I lightened on my foundation use? Yes, because Lancome’s DreamTone does allow my foundation to glide on meaning I can work more magic while I blend and use less at the same time. I use a corrector on a light basis anyways and I did not feel that fluctuated in use with DreamTone.

In Conclusion:
Yes, I would buy it but unsure at the $98 price point. I have been convinced to spend between $50 and $75 for what I have achieved and if I get more added benefits by week 8, then that would be the deciding factor in if I will pony up the addition $50 to $25 dollars. I will be updating this review if I reach week 8 and have more to jazz about. The product does come in a generous amount of 1.3 fluid ounces and because it is a serum, a small amount is needed. It may be that I’m the consumer that needs a “deluxe sized” bottle for how I have used and seen DreamTone perform. I suggest visiting Sephora, Macy’s or even Ulta and ask for a sample size before making a full purchase. I do hope they make a smaller size because that also means a smaller price point ūüôā

For more Information, please visit:

I received the above product free of charge from SheSpeaks and Lancome.  I am not obligated to provide a favorable or positive review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and brand, which may differ from yours.


SheSpeaks: The Fast Metabolism Diet Book by Haylie Pomroy


We gals are suckers for diets, and SheSpeaks must know this. I know I’ve tried a few in my time, and there’s a new one every week, on TV, in the news…it gets to be too much. ¬†So when I got offered Haylie Pomroy’s book, “The Fast Metabolism Diet”, I was more than a little suspicious, especially when it makes claims like “Lose 20 pounds in 28 days” and “Eat more food and lose more weight”. ¬†But The proof is in the pudding (mmmm….pudding), so let’s dig in and see what’s happening here.

So, Ms. Pomroy is quick to point out she’s not a dietitian, but instead a “Body Mechanic”. ¬†She even goes a step further by labeling herself a “Metabolism Whisperer”. Oh….kay. ¬†But then it starts getting interesting.


She teaches you how to Unwind stress, Unlock fat, and Unleash your metabolism. ¬†She schools us about bad foods and the toxic environment we’ve all created for ourselves. ¬†How stress affects your metabolism. ¬†Hmm…this is starting to make a lot of sense and I’m getting veeery interested. ¬†There’s a good deal of common sense here, and more than a few uncommon tips that do seem to me like they could be very useful. ¬†Okay. I’m hooked.

The book goes on to talk about how to not be a serial dieter, and to make peace with your food, since it’s not the enemy here. ¬†Haylie lists the 5 major players in your metabolism, and gives you very comprehensive food lists that will be appealing to almost any palette. Yes, we’re now on a first name basis. ¬†She espouses the benefits of whole natural, and whenever possible, organic foods. ¬†She lists 10 easy “do’s” and “don’t” of her diet plan, as well as menus, maps, recipes and plans, and you can even keep track right in the book! ¬†Cool!

Lest you be worried that she thinks we’re all superhuman diet machines, there’s also splurge secrets and a “Fast Metabolism 911” that details emergency plans should our resolve dissolve, or our strength slip. ¬†After all, we’re not machines!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the book, and surprised that I could pretty seamlessly and harmlessly integrate her plans into my regular rotation.  I think a lot of us would benefit greatly from this, and I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to not just eat, but live healthier.


For more information on the book and/or author, please visit the following sites:

Facebook page:
Program Hashtag: #FastMetabolismDiet


I received the above book free of charge from SheSpeaks.  I am not obligated in providing a positive/favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product, which may differ from yours.



L’Oreal Paris Magic B.B. Cream Campign via SheSpeaks

L’Oreal Paris presents Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream

Being a member of SheSpeaks (, I was fortunate to qualify and try the new B.B. Cream by L’Oreal. With so many B.B. creams hitting the market and the swings in price points, I was eager to find out how this formula performs.


This B.B. Cream makes 4 simple claims:

  • Primes
  • Perfects
  • Hydrates
  • Corrects


I love the color I received in Fair #810. It does blend perfectly so I am already ahead of what seems to be a problem with my ivory (nice way to say pale) skin tone. I use a primer by Smashbox but it does get mundane always squeezing a dab of this and that, to just apply my make-up. I wash my hands in between so many times that I am making Soft Soap rich! The primer portion does deliver because I did have a nice smooth skin texture as stated on the bottle. This lasted well throughout the day and doing normal activities like running errands. My pores never looked large after hours of wear, so that was a nice result.

Perfects…..okay, let’s see what they mean. It states to hide imperfections so I translate that to camouflage any scars or acne marks a person may have. I get the occasional blemish and I dislike carrying the sign of it for a couple of weeks, until I literally exfoliate it off. I do use a concealer but again sometimes I forget to use it, and recall right after I applied my finishing powder. I did like how it covered and it still retained a sheer finish. So far so good!

The next claim is hydration and I worry when I see this because having combination skin, it also means that certain areas are sometimes oilier than other times. My face fluctuates, sometimes my forehead behaves and pretends to act normal and other days it likes to play pretends and dress up as a glowing beacon. I then sometimes scale back too much on moisture and I look powdery and dry, especially around my cheeks. I like giving the control up or pretending of, to an all-in-one product, if it delivers. I will say that after using it for two whole weeks, I could not blame a pimple or blemish on this B.B. cream. This beauty balm did keep my cheeks looking healthy and did not cause me to create an oil spill on my forehead.

Last but not least, we have correction. They state the B.B. cream corrects skin for a healthy looking and even complexion. I have not noticed a change that I can contribute to the balm yet and I blame this on my 2 week trial so far. I will say that the way it might be correcting is by not creating problems in the first place, like oiliness to blemishes. I experienced less than I have with my everyday foundation and it may be because of the sheer qualities this balm has. Yes, coverage is excellent but I felt my skin breath better because of it’s light texture.¬† I also liked that the balm contains antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Would I buy it:
Yes, I would because of how well it performed and it’s super affordable, costing under $10.00 for 1.0 Fluid ounces. My only concerns came when the weather warmed up a bit but I am a person that needs a foundation for Fall and Winter and a different formulation for Spring and Summer. I felt my problem areas like my forehead and chin gave a little more shine than I liked but the next day when I added the finishing powder back to my regimen, this corrected the issue and it did not resurface later in the day. Could this be an all-in-one weather foundation for me? Only time will tell and I can say that my tube shall last until late Spring… we shall see!

Other things of Note:
This is a squeeze tube and it performs great. No waste and easy clean up. The beauty balm also came off easily when I washed my face and I did not feel that tight feeling I sometimes get with my foundations. That I really liked! I did notice you get a “face stamp” (residue) on your phone if you do not use a finishing powder but it was very light, also not present when I incorporated the powder on those warmer days.¬† You can gather more information by connecting via Twitter @LOrealParisUSA, @SheSpeaksUp, also by using hashtag #MagicBBCream.


I received the aforementioned product free of charge and because I am a member of SheSpeaks.  I have no obligation to give the product a positive or negative review, just my honest opinion.  My opinion is formed by my experience and may differ from yours.

SheSpeaks Blog Event brings you: Torani Holiday Flavors, Salted Caramel & Gingerbread

‘Tis the season for sugary sweets, savory eats, and toasty, warm drinks rich in flavor and, sadly high in calories. What’s a harried shopper to do when there’s a high-brow coffee chain on every corner dangling their latest holiday-inspired yummers in your chilly little face?

Torani has your answer. Torani Gingerbread Sugar-Free and Torani Salted Carmel Sugar-Free syrups, just asking for a warm cider or hot coffee to be lovingly dropped into. I was fortunate enough to try these syrups, courtesy of SheSpeaks. So sit back, bundle up and dig in to this review.


I must say of the bat, I’m usually not a fan of “sugar free” things, mostly due to the artificial sweeteners (this product contains Splenda) that give you a funky aftertaste or worse, change the intended flavor entirely. So I approached this with some trepidation, but kept an open mind. So when I dipped my pinkie into the Torani Salted Carmel Sugar-Free syrup, imagine my surprise when I was met with the same rich flavor one expects from such a decadent confection-inspired treat. It was rich, warm, with just a touch of a salty aftertaste. I could imagine drizzling this over ice cream, or giving a little kick to a hot chocolate. With little to no “splenda” taste to ruffle my feathers, I can easily see this syrup being put into regular rotation in my kitchen. It seemed to do wonders for my after-dinner coffee as well, so it didn’t change with heating, thankfully. A real winner here, and with it being sugar-free, I can enjoy this with much less guilt than I would one of those coffee-chain liquid desserts we all know and love.


Now, the other flavor I received was the Torani Gingerbread Sugar-Free syrup. As much as I enjoyed the Salted Carmel Sugar-Free flavor, I must say that Gingerbread was a let down. I had extremely high hopes, as gingerbread in this house is a holiday staple, and the thought of a hot gingerbread coffee with frothed milk and sprinkles evaporated like so many sugarplum dreams after my first smell. It’s just…off. And, sadly, the Splenda is right there. There’s no denying that this has a sugar substitute, and you can tell right away. It’s a shame, really, because there would have been so much I could have done with this, and now it’s just 750ml of ick. I didn’t taste it beyond the initial finger dip, it was that off-putting.

So, Torani Syrups is batting .500 with these seasonal flavors. Which usually isn’t bad, but Torani Syrups have a permanent place in my pantry, and I usually trust them implicitly to deliver. I can say I will be picking up an extra Torani Sugar-Free Salted Carmel just in case, and because they’re shelf-stable, I know I can count on the flavor to deliver for months and months.¬† Anyone up for some whipped cream that has a Salted Caramel flavor?¬† I am!¬† Oh, the possibilities of baked goods that I will make into a reality!¬† Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Thanks, SheSpeaks, for the opportunity to try these products.


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