Precision Tactical Systems Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


One of the most important and often overlooked parts of gun ownership is proper maintenance. And while it can sometimes be a somewhat messy endeavor once in a while, it is absolutely essential to keeping your firearm operational.


Precision Tactical Systems knows this and have provided the beginner with quite a few tools to get you started down the road to proper firearm maintenance. Just in our home we have 5 different calibers of weapons, and buying a specific kit for each could run up a person’s bill quickly. Thankfully, 4 of the 5 can be partially serviced with this 27 piece kit. Unfortunately, the mops and adapters do not want to fit down the barrel of Hubby’s 5.56 rifle, and being how popular .223 and 5.56 caliber weapons are, this could pretty much disqualify this kit for a great many folks.  But, one brass brush and the thinner rods will easily fit, so it’s not like it doesn’t do some of the job. You’ll still need a way to mop the barrel, or apply CLP or oil (Hubby likes Hoppe’s #9) after. So I’d call it a “near universal” kit. The brushes are okay, and the mops drop fibers like crazy. The rods come in two sizes and can be extended to three lengths. The screw together true and shouldn’t bend or break like cheaper plastic versions would.

One other issue I ran in to was the “wooden” storage box. My first delivery the top was crushed. The thin balsa wood would have never withstood any real pressure. I notified the company and a replacement was shipped, but the replacement was crushed on top as well. This may (and probably is) Amazon’s fault, but the balsa wood it’s made from is so incredibly thin it wouldn’t take much to crush it anyways. I didn’t want to ding the company for a third, considering the likely result, but keep this in mind if you buy it as a gift or have it shipped directly to someone as a gift. The kit would make a fantastic gift for the person in your life just getting into firearms and needing a decent “jumping off” point when it comes to assembling what’s needed to be a responsible owner.

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