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I’ve got a new friend, lately, a creature of the night, if you will. It’s a raccoon. He’s a sweet little thing that comes around every night looking for yummers. And I know feeding wildlife is a no-no, but sometimes you’ve got to break the rules.


See, Raccoon Brand knows this too and kitted me out with a cool Raccoon Brand t-shirt that I wear when I’m out with Sir Charles. Yes, my raccoon friend has been knighted. Deal with it. He also believes in breaking the rules sometimes, and you can tell this by his most distinguishing feature: He has no tail. None. Nada. No ringed caboose for this little critter. Someone chose to live by his own rules. We found him one night crawling up one of our palm trees, raiding the food Hubby would leave for his squirrels. And that’s when he melted my heart with his little tail-less butt. So rather than have him tearing up the hill and stealing from Hubby’s little squirrels, I put out a small plate with some food. We’ve had peace in the yard since.


Raccoon brand’s t-shirt is a screen-printed American Apparel black t-shirt with a quality multi-color screen print and the face of my adorable friend staring right back at me. It fit’s nicely, and looks cool, and no doubt when I wear it out I get to tell people about Sir Charles (or “…’ol chuck” as Hubby calls him. Twerp). And I drop a mention of Raccoon Brand and their entire nifty line. There’s all kinds of lifestyle clothing to be found on their website, from t-shirts, to tank tops, to sweatshiets, hats and beanies, and so much more, and since they were cool enough to send me this shirt, I thought I’d be cool enough to share their site and products with you. Why don’y you give their site a look-see and see if you want to be a creature of the night, like me and Sir Charles?


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Ohuhu 13-Piece Watch Tool Kit

Hubby love watches. I think there’s rarely a watch he’s seen that doesn’t have the potential to be something special, but there’s always something that needs tweaking. Tweaking needs tools, and there’s kits galore out there. Anyone who likes or collects watches needs one, but most are lacking in one thing or another, But this Ohuhu kit is as nearly a s complete a set we’ve ever owned, with every tool you could imagine you’d need maintain your precious timepeices, except maybe some needle nose pliers for  stubborn pins might need some pliers.


Open the included zippered nylon carry case and you’re greeted to a collection that seems complete enough to finally fix things on your watches you needed to get to but always left by the waysides for lack of a tool. All the tools seem eminently useful and decent enough that`you could feel confident enough to tackle any watch fix or DIY addition with little problem. You have pin pushers, bar spreaders, a case holder, a back wrench and everything you’d need to effect minor watch repairs or just change the battery. And while the tools aren’t what I would consider “watchmaker” quality, they’re perfectly adequate for enthusiasts like Hubby. At only $19.99 you get plenty of value, but I have to mention that’s because it’s Ohuhu, experience tells me you’re completely on your own if something goes wrong with any of the tools. The action on the case wrench is a little rough, and mine didn’t lock, so the chances of the “teeth” slipping and damaging your caseback is high. And could be detrimental of you have a glass, or exhibition, back. Other than that, it’s a decent tool set.

You get a pretty good value for your money with this kit, so if you’re just changing a battery every couple of years, or swapping out straps, this kit will pay for itself with it’s first use. If you’re looking to modify your watches regularly, or needing to do regular maintenance, you’re better served buying individual tools and building a quality kit.


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KOREpro Adjustable Unisex Back Support Belt


After my last experience with back braces, one would think I’d be fairly put off from them. Thankfully, my experience with a bad product didn’t sour me on these types of supports because if it had I might have missed out on this well-made KOREpro back brace!


More on par with the other therapeutic back braces I’ve bought for Hubby in the past, this one is well made, didn’t have a horrible smell (just a little neoprene funk that disappeared after the first wash), and most importantly, can be worn against the skin without getting a chemical burn! I will also say it held up well to a delicate wash with Woolite, and looks exactly as it did before washing. But that’s all bonuses, what matters is the does the back brace provide support? And the answer is a resounding “Yes!” because it delivers ample support, fits and wears well and doesn’t ride up, bind, or pinch. You can easily adjust the level of support by tightening the adjustable elastic side straps. Some days you need a little, some days you need a little more, and no matter the level of support you need, KOREpro has you covered. The metal supports (called “unique steel spring splines” by S-Dub) in the back are rigid enough to give decent support without feeling like they dig into your back, and the neoprene does “insulate” and keep the body’s warmth in and around your affected areas.


There are a lot of back braces out there, and more than a few will cost you a pretty penny. Some will make ridiculous claims and promise the moon, and KOREpro does none of those things, and the cost at $18.94, will not put a major dent in your pocketbook. And with a 90-day money back guarantee, you’re covered if for some reason this back brace doesn’t live up to expectations. I recommend this product for those that have issues with their backs, like Hubby does, because sometimes a little support goes a long way to making the day bearable.


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Tantino Gold-Framed Classic Aviator Style Sunglasses

Spring is almost sprung in Southern California and with it comes a lot of bright, sunny days. Sunglasses are almost a necessity out here, and I’m always on the lookout for an affordable pair to match with outfits. When Tantino put up a pair of sunglasses in a the classic aviator style, I was intrigued. Let’s just say I’m not anymore.


To start, Amazon did them no favors by carelessly throwing them into the box with no protection and a much larger item along with it, which essentially beat the holy hell out of them for the duration of the trip. Amazon did replace them, and what I had ascribed to damage from shipping is actually mostly really poor quality control and poor materials used. My lenses were not optically correct, which will lead to a great deal of eye strain and headaches. The frames were so thin they bent just opening them. The nosepiece needed a lot of adjustment to rest straight on my face. But, in their defense, the amber lenses didn’t cast too much tint on everything, more of making the world sepia-toned.The big 56mm lenses cover the entire field of view, the plastic lenses seem pretty sturdy, and they claim 100% UVA/UVB protection for your eyes.


Lastly, as I was browsing my local Target, I saw a bunch of aviator-style sunglasses in a bin for $3 each. They were identical to these from Tantino, except the Target ones I picked up were optically correct, and these were a third of the price. I know I was probably expecting too much from sunglasses costing $10.99 (the price they were asking at the time I checked out. It’s since gone lower), but I’ve bought hubby $10 sunglasses at the supermarket and had better results. Do yourself, and your eyes, a favor and spend a little more for a better pair of sunglasses.


Visit In Touch with Style’s website to take advantage of their “Halloween Sale”. I kid you not:

ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 29 14.58

This is the internet equivalent of leaving your Christmas lights up till June. Get it together, people.


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Beautiful Scarves Black Gray and White Winter Scarf with Gift Box

You want to talk about timely? How about this gorgeous “Beautiful Scarves” Winter Scarf they sent me to try? Winter has arrived in Southern California, and it’s wet, windy and cold for a change. And there’s few better ways to beat the cold than a toasty, soft scarf. And Beautiful Scarves sent me one that is just to die for, and it’s so unbelievably soft I find myself wearing it around the house.


This cotton/acrylic blend scarf is not only soft, not only beautiful, it’s functional. Not like those loops of fabric that pass themselves off as a scarf, because I find them functionally useless, a fashion accessory above all else. Not this one. Drape it, wrap it, pull it over you nose to keep warm, it does the job a scarf was meant to do, keep you warm. It’s not so bulky that you find it unsettling your clothes or have to take it off all the time, and not so thin as to not keep your chest neck or nose warm. The color goes with just about anything, and the tassels on the end are reminiscent of your favorite blanket at home. It’s also unisex, so don’t be surprised if your significant other snatches it away and wears it themselves. At about 64 inches long, it’s sufficient to bundle yourself up snugly too. It was delivered in a sturdy white gift box that will double as a storage box for me when the usual hot and nasty weather returns to California. But for now, I’m reveling in this oh-so-soft and lovely Beautiful Scarves Winter Scarf. At just $12.99 delivered you should probably pick up two so there’s no fighting over who look the snazziest or feels the warmest this winter!


I like this scarf. No, actually I love this scarf. I think you will too!



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Ohuhu’s Canvas DSLR Shoulder Organizer Bag

ScreenHunter_04 Sep. 28 20.53

It’s kind of nice to have all your camera stuff in one place, especially when you’ve upgraded to a DSLR system and all the various sundry lenses, filters, shrouds, flashes and other stuff that come with it. And unless you buy one of those bundles that costs an extra $150, you usually don’t even get a bag to store the camera in, let alone the accessories. Thankfully, Ohuhu rides to the rescue with their nifty Canvas DSLR Shoulder Bag & Organizer.


What I liked best about this bag is it looks and feels very much like a simple duffle bag, and doesn’t scream “Steal me!!” like a branded, fancy camera bag might. It’s soft and pliable, but with the semi-rigid non-marring foam inserts, and adjustable foam dividers (with velcro attachment edges), you can safely store, carry, and customize your bag to fit your camera and accessory needs, and have space for plenty of other goodies like your phone, a water bottle, maybe a small point & shoot, whatever! With zippered, and snapped compartments all around, there’s ample storage solutions for everything you could possibly need or want to carry with your camera. The convenient shoulder strap makes carrying it a breeze, but there were times I missed a simple handle on the top to carry also, but that’s a minor personal quibble, and after a couple of uses, I didn’t miss it at all. And the buckles are adjustable to fit any amount of camera, accessories, and almost any configuration and still snap closed securely. But it doesn’t end there, because if you remove the shock-proof foam inserts, this bag can be your carry-all duffle for just about anything. The water-resistant canvas also means if you happen to hit inclement weather, you won’t be freaking out about your expensive electronic gadgets getting soaked and ruined!

The one negative for this product is the price. For the same money or less, you can find shoulder bags (even Nikon and Canon ones!) on Amazon and elsewhere. But in my experience, Ohuhu makes a quality product, and I can safely say I’ve never had a major issue or failure with anything they’ve made. I feel perfectly safe entrusting my DSLR camera and accessories to this bag, and I think after trying it out, you will too!


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Ohuhu 12-Slot Faux-Leather Watch Box

ScreenHunter_04 Sep. 28 20.53

My husband, bless his heart, is kind of a watch junkie. With only one wrist and many watches, it means he has to cycle through them, and store some others for special occasions. Until very recently the SOP was to wrap the ones not worn in a microfiber cloth and store them in a drawer. Which, I’m told, beats taking them in and out of their original boxes. When Ohuhu offered me their 12-Slot “Leather” Watch Box, it seemed like a match made in heaven.


Solidly constructed out of wood and then lined in a sumptuous beige felt, it sports a glass top and contrast-stiched outside, with a black polyurethane “leather” and white stitches.  The hinged top latches at the front with a high-polished chrome latch as well. Suitable for any desktop, counter, dresser or nightstand, it looks pretty high-end but will only set you back $17.99. And, when I think about the cost of some of Hubby’s watches, under $20 to protect them seems like a pittance. The cushions are decent enough, and we’ve found that, for the few not in use, it’s a perfect place to store his wedding bands (Both the everyday beater and the nice one for when we go out!). Considering that’s the extent of Hubby’s “jewelry”, this could just as easily be called his jewelry case too, if he’d let me. Hubby has watches that range in size from 38mm all the way up to 48mm, and they all fit without a hitch. We;;, one small one: His Sector 600 has a protruding crown guard, which means he can’t store it on the extreme right of the box, but not many watches have those, and a regular crown is no issue whatsoever.


Sometimes it’s easy to overlook how quickly something like a watch can get damaged. Especially those with automatic movements. One drop could spell disaster, and cost hundreds of dollars to fix properly, if at all. When I think of Hubby’s nice watches wrapped in a simple cloth, I shudder to think that he ever stored them in such a fashion. I would spend twice as much to keep them stored safely, but thanks to Ohuhu, I don’t have to. and because it’s an Ohuhu product, you know it’s quality and made to last.



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PulseAudio Vitality Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Every once in a while you come across a product that you didn’t know much about and didn’t see much use for, until you try it, and suddenly understand what all the hub-bub is about. That’s exactly what happened to me with these PulseAudio Vitality bluetooth headphones. I now don’t know how I ever got along without them. Come with me as we explore why.


Let’s be honest, there’s few things on this earth more annoying than having your earbuds ripped out of your ears. It’s somewhere between “nails on a chalkboard” and ” loud high-pitched whine”.  And we mostly do it ourselves because our earphone cord hangs down and gets caught on whatever (Or whoever) is nearest. I’m here to tell you that with PulseAudio’s Vitality bluetooth earbuds, that’s a thing of the past. And it doesn’t mean sacrificing every drop of sound quality either. Because the sound? It’s quality. It’s not like it’s reference quality, but I’ve paid more and gotten less when it comes to the sound, and they weren’t bluetooth either. And lest you think that means some giant ungainly boxes over your ears like the old FM radio headphones of yesteryear (Full disclosure, I actually owned some of those. Not to date myself here or anything!). No, these are fairly small, fairly light, but set securely in your ear and have plenty more to offer still. They are BlueTooth 4.1 compliant, and also offer NFC wireless capabilities, so all your latest devices are guaranteed to work. They come complete with a nifty little travel pouch, a charging cable, and multiple sizes of silicone buds/stabilizers for all ear sizes and types!


See, these also have controls for volume, and can double as a hands-free headset for your smartphone! Honestly, I’m shocked they managed to cram so much in such a small package. Powered by lithium-polymer batteries, they have plenty of power (Up to 8 hours!) to last you pretty much all day. If I had a nit to pick, it would be that a couple of the buttons were hard, if not nearly impossible to get to easily by our resident sausage-finger, aka, Hubby. The price is pretty steep too, considering that rival bluetooth earbuds could be had for less than half the cost, but without knowing the quality of the sound of these rivals, I can’t say, dollar for dollar, if they are truly a value. Also, at $59.99, they could have included a wall charger instead of piggy backing on one you already own, or your handy USB charging hub. But they do include a 1-year warranty, so that’s a major plus as well. So overall the positives far outweigh the few minor negatives, and I’m very happy with these PulseAudio Vitality headphones.


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Inspired Basics Nomex Heat-Resistant Oven Gloves


It’s should be no secret that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Cooking, baking, trying new things. Hot handles, pans and oven racks are par for the course. Sometimes, our potholders don’t cover right, or are awkward, or just flat out don’t give you enough grip. Oh, but if only there was an oven safe glove that was EN 407 and ISO Certified up to 662 degrees, with a soft cotton interior, and silicone grip bumps on them. Oh, wait…Inspired Basics has just such a glove!!


I’ve tried silicone BBQ gloves/mitts in the past. I even reviewed a pair here. They’re pretty good. They can be awkward to clean, wear, and use, and fit me poorly, and while dishwasher safe can start to build up a film and hold a smoke smell pretty quickly. And silicone gets pretty slippery when wet. My fondness for them faded pretty quickly. But these gloves (machine washable…yay!) seem more for me. with a form fit and protection halfway up my forearm, there’s no worries about grabbing a deep roasting dish and getting that burn on your wrist. I can get my fingers into the handles just fine, and lose almost no dexterity. And while they did fit me, they were very large. That would be my one drawback, and I wish they came in more sizes. They fit hubby nearly perfectly, though. And that’s good, because he isn’t as well rehearsed in the kitchen as I am. Thankfully, these are the made of the same flame-resistant material used in racing and firefighter’s survival suits, Nomex. So, these are good for the BBQ as well. and again, being machine-washable there’s no worry about stains or grease or soot, because one quick trip through the old washer and they’re good as new! I would, though, for the sake of durability, probably recommend hand-washing and air drying. Things just get cleaner and last longer that way for me. Now, don’t go pouring boiling water over them. That’s the one single benefit of silicone gloves is water resistance, but these are fiber and 100% cotton, so don’t go grabbing pasta out of the boiling water or anything.

Lest you think these gloves are good for the kitchen only, you can use them to safely grip just about any dry, hot surface you can think of. Hot light bulbs? Check. Hot engine parts? Check. Hot logs on a chimenea fire need arranging? Check, check and check! I like these Nomex Heat-Resistant Gloves from Inspired basics, and I think you will too. They’re also backed by a lifetime, no-questions-asked, 100% refund policy, so you can buy with confidence.


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iGotTech: Texting Gloves #Review #gloves




Cold weather sucks. Cold weather and touch screen devices make for some frosty paws. And that, my friends, is no bueno. So when iGotTech offered me a pair of texting gloves to test and review, it way perfect! And let me tell you, I was skeptical, but these little gloves WORK. And, with every dang thing we own having some form of touch-sensitive surface on it.  It was nice to not have your fingertips feel like ice every time I need to answer the phone, send an email, or browse the web.


These are well stitched, stylish in black with grey colored touch-friendly tips, and made in a size that fits my normal sized hands. Thick enough to keep you warm, thin enough to work our remote control’s buttons. A 100% satisfaction, full refund guarantee. There’s practically no downsides. Except one. At $12 they’re as much as 4 times the cost of similar items. The other would be a lack of label listing materials used. Some people are sensitive or allergic to certain materials and it’d be nice to know if these are hypoallergenic. Other than that, I have no issues with these gloves, and in fact, they are a must use for me this winter.


iGotTech, makes several products, and their service is top notch. Followed up with me right away, a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. I would cautiously recommend them, but this kind of product is a must have for those of us who don’t do too well with the cold.


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I received the above product(s) free of charge from iGotTech. I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

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