Come join us and Celebrate being Orgullosa with P&G products and you won’t leave hungry too!


Have I told you yet how much I love being part of the Orgullosa family? Well, in the past I have thrown several parties for VocalPoint, which is part of the Procter & Gamble group. Orgullosa is also a division of that group and it’s about having pride in our family and heritage. You celebrate by sharing P&G products and hosting an event. These gatherings are always a hit and I usually gather a group of friends and start making memories. At this event, I received several new products and some old favorites to share.

The kit included such brands like Olay, Secret, Crest, Downy, Always, Tampax, Covergirl and Tide.

You get samples and coupons to share with guests, along with trinkets like a folding (compact) mirror and even a fashionable bracelet.

I tried the items out before sharing with guests and because my event was in early May, I went with a Cinco de Mayo/Mother’s Day theme. I figure celebrating two holidays equals twice the fun!

Let’s get started…..


Tide Pods– The idea is to only need one capsule to clean a full load. The capsule has three colors, white for the detergent, then orange and blue colored swirls for the stain remover and brightener. I first like how easy it is to use and it’s HE safe. The scent is Spring Meadow, which is light and pleasant. I like the aspect of just throwing a pod in the washer with dirty clothes and only worrying about softener. I was skeptical but must admit that my grey colored load came out clean, without any stains on any article of clothing. The clothes also did not feel stiff or stripped, like many detergents tend to be harsh on cottons and linens. This was a favorite with many guests because of the ease of use. We all dislike those heavy detergent boxes and feeling like doing laundry is close to making lab experiments, when you start adding boosters like stain remover, whiteners, brighteners… name it. These pods provide a guarantee clean and because the stain remover is included, if I miss a stain it really does not turn into a big deal.


Downy Unstoppables– I have used these enhancers before and love them. What I had not tried was the “pink” colored scent, which is called Shimmer. Don’t worry, your clothes will not be full of glitter but the name refers more to the enticing smell these scent boosters create. They compliment well with the other liquid Downy softeners you purchase, so it’s not like throwing in a bottle of perfume with your wash. Think a long lasting clean scent! I love using them on bath mats, towels to bed sheets. They are very easy to use, just shake and pour into the drum, plus it’s safe for HE washers. They work so it’s hard to stop using them. I also have found other purposes for them like leaving an open packet under the sink and say bye-bye to trash smells. You can also pour some of the flat beads into a tray and keep it in the bathroom. You control how much “boost” you want and I like that because some articles of clothing, like gym clothes needs it! We also found ourselves sniffing the packet and they even encourage it in the stores, where you push on the bottles to smell them.


Olay 2-in-1 facial cloths– I sometimes can’t wait to get home and wash my face and it’s not that I don’t like make-up, but the experience is like washing the day away. I now know I am home and ready to relax. I have been there where mascaras to lip glosses creating stains on white colored towels so these facial cloths actually save my towels. So effective that they even remove my waterproof mascara! It gets better and because this is an Olay product, it’s more than just a “wet nap” for your face. The facial cloths are formulated with pro-vitamin B5, beta-hydroxy and witch hazel. The cleanser not only washes your face effectively in a gentle manner but also tones your skin . I never break out after using the Olay 2-in-1 cloths and it’s because the leave my skin clean! Being that this is an Olay product, the girls were fanatic about it. Everyone wanted to know what Olay item P&G had included so eager that I think they did not appreciate me leaving this one to the end to present.


Always/Tampax Radiant Collection– This item is the end all to having to hide that tampon or pad. I have had those moments when I am hunting for a pen to just have a tampon pop out of my purse. Soooo not pretty! The packet included a purse that allows you to store both tampons and pads neatly. This little purse was created for this purpose so everything fits as it should, brilliant! They also included 1 Always pad, 3 liners and 2 tampons. Orgullosa events really takes care of us and this is one example on why they are so popular. You get introduced to new brands in such a fun way but also take home samples!


Secret Clinical Strength– I have not tried the clinical formulas but we have those stressful days that do not always come from just physical exertion, but just the everyday stuff from traffic, meetings, kids, and even sometimes husbands. I name no names! We were sent the “ooh-la-la lavender” scent, which I appreciate as lavender has calming effects. I now know to sniff my underarms if the need arises :). I tried the solid and was afraid of maybe it being more powerful would mean more drying, and even a little harsher to the delicate skin in that area but I am happy to report it is not. I can describe it as having a double-guarantee. You have extra insurance if needed and if not, you will be fine. With warmer months approaching I also feel better and even safer if I sweat. I’m a girl and armpit odor is bad as it is but we are suppose to smell like flowers 🙂


Crest 3D White- I use(d) a brand that starts with an “A” after trying several brands years ago. I first must admit I am a whitening teeth fanatic. The whiter the better because I drink pomegranate and cranberry juices daily, which is great for my body but not kind to my teeth. I am always in “preventing mode” so I brush my teeth and then rinse with a whitening solution afterwards. I think tooth health is essential not only to how our body is feeling but also in how we look. Put on all the make-up you want but yellow tooth will ruin a look. The box on the crest 3D white states it removes up to 80% of surface stains. I notice no asterisk after but note it says, “Up to”. Okay, let’s put it to the test and I did a week and a half before the Orgullosa event. My results can easily be stated by one phrase, “I dropped the “A” brand for the Crest 3D”. I have noticed on the bottom edges where your teeth meet the gums are whiter and I feel my teeth are cleaner after brushing. The Icy Cool Mint flavor tastes a little like bubblegum but because it works, I just will flashback to my younger years when brushing. Great way to start and end your day 🙂


Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara– I am currently a user of this mascara because at my last Orgullosa event, they included it. Having an extra tube of mascara is always a plus and that does not mean I won’t still rave about it either. I love the brush and the wand makes application a cinch. The brush has fine bristles and in large quantities, so you get perfect separation without over-working the lashes. The formula also does not clump heavily while you apply. I always disliked getting the perfect separation of lashes but needing more mascara, that once you apply the right amount, it looks like spider legs because your lashes decided to meet and now you have 5 very thick lashes. Not with this one and I have in error paid big bucks for other brands when all along Covergirl’s Lashblast hung on a peg at my local store. I have learned that paying high prices does not mean high quality in cosmetics. Try this mascara and you will be thankful!

Not done yet……

Orgullosa included a mirror that flips open and stays open. The flip cover allows you to set it where and in the position you want without it falling. I have compacts and they are always propped against a candy dish, tissue box, whatever will hold it but not anymore. Another simple and practical idea that rarely gets used!


We also all received bracelets with the Orgullosa trademark. Flaunt it and it comes with a beautiful quote too. I love the strength they encourage us to have and these small rewards are very appreciated because we all need reminders….it’s what keeps us going.


Included where also coupons to save you money. There were coupon booklets for each guest and not only for all the brands but others they Venus, Oral B, Pampers, Pantene to Charmin. We appreciate these booklets because one thing our group has in common, is making that dollar stretch. We are proud of the savings we acquire all year because they help us provide more for our families.

No party is complete without the food. Guests must be fed as this is a celebration. Orgullosa does not miss a mark and I present to you, the Orgullosa Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! Oh, my!


Celebrating our heritage with Carnitas that we made into mini street tacos tacos.  Guests could also make salads as they liked and I had a guest bring black beans and rice.


Can’t have plain tacos, we need salsas and all the trimmings too.  A guest made the Molca red sauce from scratch!


Habanero and Serrano Pepper Nachos with Cotija Cheese!


I encourage you to sign-up with Orgullosa because not only could you host parties like I do but there is more to the programs they offer. VocalPoint and Orgullosa have samples, coupons, advice, and even support! It’s one of the best decisions I ever made was to join and I think my guests agree too.


The above products and brands were received from Orgullosa, a division of P&G. All items were free of charge and my only obligation was to share and host an event with guests. My opinions and review are based on my experiences with the brands, which may differ from yours.


Influenster Latina Beauty Vox Box 2012


Influenster is a program that sends you at no cost, products from several companies to try out.  This is my fifth box since being a member and I have always incorporated items from each Vox Box into my daily routine.  Many times they include the latest new beauty item that I have been curious about or a product(s) I was completely unfamiliar with.  It’s a nice way to introduce yourself to new items and all they ask is for feedback…pretty easy!

The Latina Beauty Vox Box included:

  • VEET Wax Strips for Legs & Body (retails for $9.99)

The product is easy to use and there is no wax warming required or those pesky cloth strips.  This is as clean as waxing and hair removal can get.  You just rub a strip between your hands for about 5 seconds to warm and soften the wax.  Look at it like your activating it and then you slowly peel the strips apart.  You apply the strip that has the wax to the area you want to remove hair, and keep in mind that you will be pulling in the direction of the hair growth when placing.  The strip even has a tab for easy placement and pulling, so no worries on getting wax stuck to you or your nails.  When pulling, you do it very quickly and you may hold the skin taught as it aids with avoiding discomfort.  After waxing, Veet has included wipes that help remove any excess wax and also contain a solution that helps avoid irritation.  That easy!  You get 40 full size wax strips and 6 wipes.  Veet leaves your skin clean from hair and I did not find much excess wax left behind.  No razor to deal with or cans expelling foam that was supposed to make shaving a breeze.  I also like the reward of not having to shave every few days.  My only tip to add: make sure to keep in mind how you will pull before placing the strip because certain areas (curves) are a little tricky.  I just made sure to practice the action of how I would pull (direction of) before removing the wax strip and applying.

  • NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine (retails for $2.49)

I received my gloss in the color of Nude York City, No. 582.  The color does apply like a sheer/nude and has beige and rosey tones.  It’s the typical “my-go-to” color a girl likes to use because it’s great for a day to night look.  You do not get that glitter shimmer that blinds people (great for pre-teens but not adults), nor a wet look that resembles an oil slick.  This is just finally the perfect sheen and the price point is unbelievable because of the results!  The lip gloss has a pleasant scent and taste because sometimes we do bite our lips :).  Reapplication was usually every 3 hours and this was after being stuck in an air-conditioned vehicle that tends to dry my lips faster.  A little goes a long way and I liked that it did not bleed or leave an odd tint when it wore down.  It just gets fainter and fainter as you get closer to reapplication time.

  • Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration (Full size bottle retails for $7.99)

There is so many sunscreens that you stop and wonder if there is a difference anymore, there is.  Hawaiian Tropic has been around for many years and it’s for a reason- it works!  It’s one of the few that does not cause me irritation and allows my skin to breathe when I apply it.  It is a Broad Spectrum sunscreen, meaning it protects against UVA and UVB rays.  Broad Spectrum is what Dermatologists want you to wear.  Best way to remember about UVA and UVB protection and why you should seek it:

UVB: Rays that give you sun burn and seem like you are just red and uncomfortable but there is more to consider here and please continue reading on why.

UVA: This is the rays that penetrate deep and cause not only wrinkles, premature aging, sagging and texture decline, but also a leathery appearance and feel.

These UVA rays also make the UVB rays intensify, think magnification and in this where you worry due that it may cause Cancer.  I always look at it like making a bad cocktail, you don’t want that but you may be able to avoid it with a Broad Spectrum sunscreen.

The other great part about the hydrating ribbons in Hawaiian Tropin’s formula, you nourish and hydrate your skin.  This product goes beyond just protecting you and I like a product that works at 200% versus just 100%.  You can choose SPF in 12, 30 and 50.

  • Bath & Body Works Shea-Enriched Signature Collection Shower Gel (retails for $5 in mini)

I like a product that again does the work of two.  Bath & Body Works has added Shea Butter to their shower gel so you don’t dry out so much while showering.  It’s great to strip the dirt away but that also takes away what keeps our skin healthy.  They did not stop there and added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to make sure you are one soft baby!  I was afraid of feeling oily and not clean when I received this but my fears were put to rest when I towel dried.  I get it now, how you are supposed to feel clean but not like you shrunk your skin after a shower.  I felt comfortable and my skin just felt normal- not dry or oily.  It remained that way through out the day and even the day I was too in a hurry to apply body lotion and wait for it to dry before getting dressed.  I received Pink Chiffon and I describe the scent like raspberry roses.  Please go into a store and take a sniff because it’s yummy.  Not overly perfumed but intoxicating because it smells so good and light.  This product comes also in full size (10 ounces) for $11, so if you like it as much as I did, I would opt for the full size since the mini is only 3 ounces.  Quick math and you can see the deal!

  • Always Radiant Infinity Pads (retail for $6.99) and Always Tampax Radiant Collection (retail varies by size)

The box included the pads for myself to keep and the best part on why I love the Influenster program, they included a sampler box to give to a friend.  The friend’s box had a purse (to store pads and tampons), 3 daily liners and 2 tampons.  I admit I liked it a lot and wanted to keep it but my conscious after getting everything else could not be calmed, so with a smile I gave it to my girlfriend.  Her reaction was worth it because she loved the discrete little purse that had the perfect inserts to store tampons and pads.  I thought pads were the same in most brands and that you just pick by what shape and size feels best.  I was wrong, again!  I also use to pick by price and did not know that if I paid close attention, I could have saved money.  My former brand was not as comfortable and thin, plus I tended to use pads more often.  With these Always Radiant Infinity Pads, I change less often and what is best, you get better protection but the pad is ultra thin.  The extra protection comes from Microdots in the pad that allows better absorbency, who knew pads were scientific!  I switched brands for the comfort and security alone.  My box contained 16 pads at a fair price point (wrapped with knowing I’m secure) of $6.99



Who gets a VoxBox?

Influensters are selected for themed shipments based on the badges they have unlocked and individual demographics, ensuring members receive products that match their lifestyles and interests. Members with high ‘Influenster scores’  – within the specific consumer groups we are targeting for that program –  are prioritized, so make sure to connect and unlock as many Influence Badges as you can!

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