Milumia: Summer Dress in Pink with a Lace/Crotchet waist #Review


Buying clothing on-line can be tricky at times and especially when you need an article for a special event on short notice. I find that everyone’s size small is not the same but at most stores or even internet clothing sites, you can at least run error on the side of caution that you can give or take a few inches. I love it when sites list actual measurements because let’s face it, you are cutting fabric to a certain dimension to give it a size. Sounds simple!




Not so simple when the measurements do not match the article of clothing. Let me start by saying I range between a size small in some brands and medium in others. My chest is usually what makes me go up on size because I dislike that feeling of sleeves being pulled if a shirt is too tight in the front. In comes Milumia that thankfully lists the measurements in centimeters, but gives the shopper an idea of sizing. Dresses are a safe bet because you don’t usually have to worry about waist and hip sizes with certain styles and especially those worn in Summer. I wanted dresses that have a light fabric, so these being 100% rayon allowed the fabric to remain light and breathable.




Now, to the second dress I ordered from Milumia. I ordered size small and it was still too baggy on the bottom but nowhere near as the white one I reviewed first. Extra small was available but at 33.1 inches, this left no room for error as I am about 33 inches around the chest and a C cup. The dress featured is a light soft pink in color (in the picture) with a paler pink where the crochet style lays, giving it a nice contrast. You have a beautiful flutter of fabric that rests just below the shoulder and it gives the dress a very fun and just perfect for Summer look! You also have a pearled-like pink button that allows you to have an open or closed “key-hole” at the chest.




When I received the dress, the dress is not at all as soft “pink” as pictured. At the time I wanted the coffee color but it was not stocked in my size. I went with the pink as the second choice. I notice now Salmon is available and that reflects an even paler color than the pink I received. I can easily say the pink fabric does not reflect in hue to the one pictured and it seems like names of colors are being used freely without really knowing what hue they reflect. Furthermore, that contrast in the picture on Amazon where the lace lays……well, it’s not there. The pink on the crotchet is as deep in pink as the rest of the dress. The cut is also a little odd. The torso is not as long as it should be, making this dress almost have a doll like cut. I’m short at 5’3 and the torso just did not set well when I wore it. The waist is high but because it is not fit to your body, you lose any curvature you may have and it just looks like a child’s dress even though the skirt part is long enough. Very unusual. I have worn high waist dresses and because the cut in sizing was accurate, the dress rested beautifully.  Again, the sizing does not correspond with the one listed. This dress on the “waist” and top are way too baggy. I mean inches here in sizing being off, not centimeters. You will also note that there is discrepancies in sizing by color choice. Yes, Milumia has different dimensions for sizes that go by the color you choose. I have never seen this before. I can sometimes see where one color of fabric is sewn in one factory and another at a different location and you may have a few discrepancies by centimeters, but you have differences in inches here! So before you order, make sure to look and even then like the size small, pink dress I received; the color is wrong (and it goes beyond computer settings), the contrast in fabrics is not there and the seamstress did not even go by the graph present for the color/size. This dress retails for $19.99 and I could see it as a bargain if the sizing was respected and even the contrast in fabric was like the picture. A dress that is just too big and does not represent the sizing listed just makes it a draw of luck. Will the dress you get be the size stated? Who knows! Due to the color being as it is, I will not be trying to fix this one. I may try to wash it and see if it shrinks but then it could be shorter and not something I desire when the bottom is baggy (not airy).




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Simlu: Long Tunic Tank Top with Criss-Cross straps #Review #Simlu

In the world of fashion, sometimes a simple tank that stays put, keeps it’s shape and lasts is not and easy find. So many of my tank tops have been made into pajama tops, gardening tops and even clothing I paint and do crafts in because they just did not make the cut when it came to everyday wear. The last thing I want to do, is fight with my clothes. Quality matters in both materials and dyes used. I have so many kind-of-black tank tops because after a few washes and even using Woolite for darks, the black turned more like a bluish tint or has that ever loved white haze some black clothing get. I wash everything of this kind even in the delicate cycle and that still can not make a difference when you just start with a bad purchase.


Like everyone, I buy on sale because paying full price is just against my shopping religion 🙂 . This means I usually pay around $3 to $5 per tank top, unless I score a sale where last seasons colors are being cleared out for 4 tops for $10. I sometimes will pay $10 if the color and fit is just perfect.


When Simlu offered I try out of their tank tops at no cost, my first thought was how I buy everything on Amazon except for clothing. Amazon has a great free return policy when it comes to fashion purchases and I have tried shoes but never actual clothes. This was a new area for me!

The Simlu tank top has a cross-over strap pattern, that is already a bit different from every other tank I already own. You get comfort and shape retention by the mix of materials being used, 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I went with a simple black color, as I tend to go through this hue a little quicker because it’s a color that can exhibit age a little sooner than the others.


Retail Price Point: $10.99 for one tank top from Simlu and you can choose from three different sizes from small to large. You also have several colors to choose from, a total of 12 and shipping is free for Prime Amazon members, including returns.

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I received the tank top quickly and it came in a plastic bag with a sheet of tissue paper, nicely folded. So, the presentation was like kind to, which you get when ordering from a catalog. The dyes were not strong in scent and the material felt soft. It’s a long tunic, so no worries in fighting with a short tank that always needs adjusting. I usually wear a small in most brands but because I was unsure how this was going to fit in the chest area, I opted for a size medium. The tank top is a comfortable medium with a nice stretch but does not thin out like some thin cotton shirts do. The bottom area along the waist is a little bigger but because the material lays nice, I don’t look sloppy and I just get a little more added comfort. The chest area has a little bunch finish towards the center and this does add a cute detail and again different from the common tank tops that most companies sell as for “layering”. I want a tank top shirt that can be a shirt itself when needed (so not ultra thin) but also wears well when I want to wear it under a see through shirt or just under another top. The Simlu tank top fits the bill and around $10 you get the shirt, plus the shipping and that is a pretty fair price with convince added.

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Comfy Clothiers: 18 inch Long, Heavy-Duty Metal Shoe Horn made from Stainless Steel



When it comes to preserving the items I buy, I take extra steps and will do everything from purchasing a kit to treat leather goods, to special cleaners for certain fabrics and materials. Finding a good shoe takes time. Yes, I see a lot of cute pairs but if they are going to make me go, “ouch”, that means they mostly likely will stay looking cute in my closet. I decided to invest in a shoe horn several years ago because I’m a girl with long nails, and sticking my finger in to insure I did not crush a heel when inserting my foot, well it would sometimes pinch or crush my nail a bit. My priority was my shoes but I also did not want to ruin a manicure because of it.  This also meant I would use my nail again upon removal because I dislike the idea of stepping on one heel to remove the other! It just leaves you with one really marked up and damaged heel in the end, and shortens the life of your shoes.

Then came to hunting for a simple metal shoe horn. I thought it would be quick and easy. I then realized many name brand shoe stores no longer existed. People buy their shoes from stores that carry multiple brand names, will buy shoes that cost less just to wear a current trend, or even purchase from outlets that clearance out shoes from past seasons, to buying just directly on-line. I am guilty of all. The problem then comes that when you need accessories or kits that help you preserve suede, leather to even cleaners, that also becomes as generic as the place that carries a whole lot of brands. They usually carry one item if any and not always a good product. I went everywhere from places like Macy’s, DSW, to Target to find a good quality metal shoe horn. There came a point that I did not care of length, just as long as the metal was of strong and would last. Found many plastic ones and bendy metal ones! I just could not locate a good metal one until I entered Nordstroms, and the ladies department had none, but the men’s department next to the suits did. It cost me more than I wanted to spend, but then again I kept telling myself, “you are saving your expensive heels, so it’s worth it”. The metal is strong in the shoe horn I purchased and has a clear coating to insure smoothness that is welcoming when using it. All my heels have lasted well (some even over a decade) and none have experienced the wrath of warped heels from me stepping on them when it comes to putting my shoes on. Poor shoes of the past!  Just one smooch each time you insert your foot cause damage to leather and really makes a shoe not last as long as it could.


Retail Price Point: On Amazon for $17.95, but is currently on sale for $14.95 and you get free one day shipping if you are a Prime member.



When I was offered the campaign for the Comfy Clothiers long metal shoe horn, I jumped on it. It is longer than the one I have and it advertises the product as being made of a strong and “heavy-duty” steel. I figured it never hurts to have an extra one either. When the shoe horn arrived, I noticed it is 18 inches in length and slimmer in diameter. I wear 6.5 in most brands like with Poetic License, Franco Sarto, ect. branded shoes.  I’m a 6 with Born heels, and with Ugg heels (never have owned the boots), I’m a 7 due to the padding inside that adds extra cushioning. My feet are not wide, so my former shoe horn was a little (wider) bigger than it needed to be but realize I got desperate towards the end. I could only locate plastic ones at stores and on-line it is hard to decipher if the metal is truly strong and stiff enough to withstand years of use. I can say the Comfy Clothiers shoe horn is made of a strong steel that does not bend or deform when using.  I also like the lack of needing to bend over to use this shoe horn from Comfy Clothiers, because the length allows no need for it. This is great for days I’m just aching to days I don’t want to bend over and accidentally get lipstick on my shirt’s collar. Yes, that has happened to me to even getting lip gloss on my hair when I bent and it came forward, which then transferred it to whatever shirt I was wearing. Girls with long hair problems! I have none of those worries now and the metal is stiff enough to last years of use and smooth, so you don’t damage your shoes or hurt your feet. I also saved gas ordering directly from Amazon! So glad I have this shoe horn from Comfy Clothiers because you have no idea how hard it is to locate a a good metal one if you try to purchase from a brick-and-mortar store!

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AW Fashions: X-Men Wolverine Silhouette Men’s Cotton T-Shirt #Review #Wolverine


My Husband likes t-shirts with movie themes and/or characters, however most are done over the top and look too busy. The images are over done and you end up with t-shirt that looks more geared towards kids than adults. Simplicity is lost!

In comes AW Fashion’s with a 100% cotton t-shirt that is simple when it comes to the image. You like Wolverine, you get Wolverine and that’s all!


Retail Price Point: $18.99 and we ordered the red colored shirt in a size large.




AW Fashion makes t-shirts and tanks for the family and most are based on simple logos and images. The prints range from novelty, presidential candidates to shirts with quotes and so forth. What I liked best was the quality of the shirt. The material is 100% cotton that is pre-shrunk, plus the thickness is moderate. Not too thick to be bulky but not too thin that you wonder if it will hold well after the first wash. The cut of the t-shirt is also nice, none of those odd “vintage cuts” that are for men with no arms and chest. The sizing is normal and I opted for a size Large for my Husband to accommodate an athletic physique. He was very happy with the t-shirt’s style, however he did comment the cotton was not the soft type of fabric and more towards being a little on the scratchy side (pre-wash). The sleeve is not binding across the arms, plus he commented the shirt was comfortable when wearing (pre-wash) and he could overlook the scratchiness of the material since we had not washed it yet. The screen-print of the image (Wolverine) is also solid and smooth. A thick black silhouette that will not peel or flake once washed. Overall, for when it comes to comic book hero’s and shirts of this kind, this one is nice and simple where an adult can wear it comfortably without the image looking like it’s just geared towards younger kids.

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I received the above product(s) free of charge from AW Fashions.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

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