Ohuhu Clear Acrylic 3-Drawer Organizer

No one hates clutter and mess more than me. It bothers me so much it makes my skin crawl and itch. When I got a chance to try out Ohuhu’s clear acrylic organizer, I was over the moon. Finally, no more little crippy crap on my counters, rolling everywhere, rolling behind the dresser, or falling on the floor. I think this little guy is a keeper!

DSC_0106 (2)

Ohuhu thought it through with their design, as well. Clear acrylic means you can easily see what’s where. They even included little pads for the drawers that not only keep your stuff safe, and keeps the drawers from getting scratched, but filter away dust, dirt and makeup schmutz to the bottom of the drawer, safely away from the stuff in it. It says it’s a cosmetics organizer, but I’ve found it useful for my crafting supplies, as well as office supplies. It comes in two separate sections, so you can split them up or stack them as your needs warrant. The drawers slide easy, and there’s more space than you’d expect in there. As a cosmetics organizer, it beats a bathroom drawer by a country mile and keeps everything withing easy reach, all the while keeping it safe from the occasional splash of water of spritz of hairspray. And it just looks too cute.

I would recommend this for anyone tired of a drawer or countertop full of mess and clutter, or for a dresser to organizer for your keys, phone, watch, rings, or even for your desk that has pens, paperclips, post-it pads and markers rolling all over. There’s really no limit to what this awesome Ohuhu Clear Acrylic Organizer can do!

DSC_0105 (2)

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