Cornucopia Brands: Refillable Cobalt Glass 16oz Spray Bottle with Heavy Duty Sprayer #Review #CBCobaltSprayBottle

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I have always made my own mixtures when it comes to cleaning products, to stain removers, and even weed killers. The one thing that always fails me is not the potions I create, but the bottles. I have had bottles that constantly drip because the sprayers are cheap (in material not price tag). This not only wastes product but also creates another mess I need to clean up. My last bottle had a sprayer that was so cheaply made, that if you filled the bottle to it’s highest level, the sprayer would pop off because the weight was too much. Infuriating!! I love also when companies label them “pro” as in professional and heavy-duty when they could not even spray simple water out successfully.

In comes CB (Cornucopia Brands) with not only a gorgeous cobalt blue colored bottle, but with a sprayer advertised as heavy duty and with a stream or spray pattern option when used.

Retail Price Point: $8.99 and free shipping with Prime membership via Amazon

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I did not know where to land when it came to my expectations. The bottles in the past and my experience with them tended to make me well, not trust I could find a bottle that worked effectively. The bottles from Cornucopia Brands are made of a heavy glass material with a dye within the glass (not just a coloring that rubs off on the surface).  The glass is thick but not ultra heavy in weight. They are sturdy! Visually, they look stunning and I will admit I like using and looking at the pretty blue color (it matches some of the blue in our granite). Okay, but in the end how it works is all that matters to me! The glass is UV resistant, so any chemicals or solutions you make will not lose their effectiveness if they are light sensitive. I add simple window cleaner that has a vinegar base, and fill the bottle to the top. I flip the bottle upside-down, no leaks or dribbles. I then start cleaning because I know if this bottle accidentally tips on the carpet, it’s not going to create puddles. I spray and the spray is fine but controlled. It distributes a spray pattern that has a nice circumference, meaning you don’t have a wild spray where you target one area and a few squirts always make it outside where you wanted to spray. I also notice that the bottle has a decent weight at all times and no time does the bottle fall forward when it starts to empty and stays with an even distribution in weight (no tipping). No needing to catch the 1/4 empty bottle that wobbles or falls every time you but something back in the cabinet. I really appreciate that and I have been using the bottle for now 3 weeks in a row, every day and love the sprayer more with time. Why? Because it works. It’s that simple because in the end I need this sprayer to work without funny quirks and this glass bottle does every single time!

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