Colorona Beginner’s Acrylic Paint Set


I’ve fallen back in love with crafting, and one of the things I’ll never tire of is paints. Your basic, main colors will always be in need and when I get a chance to try out a new brand, I’m always looking forward to see if they’ll be better than my last brand. While they missed that mark by a bit, this Colorona set was decent for kids and beginners, but priced a little too high for the quality of product you receive.


I’ve used many, many sets of paint from quite a few companies, and they are always comparable in quality, with a slight edge going to the paints and stains I’ve bought from U.S. Art Supply for overall quality and value. These Colorona paints miss that mark by a fair bit. They’re on the light and loose side, some even slightly runny. The coverage is mediocre, and they don’t seem to level at all, which means that every brush stroke will show when it dries. The pigments are not the most vivid or deep, and you need several coats just to get a solid color without the base material showing through, such as painting bare wood. This would be fine for watercolors, where one would expect the grain to show through the lighter paint, but these are supposed to be acrylic paints and have full coverage, and they just do not. The included accessories are great for getting started, with the brushes holding their respective points and edges well with little feathering and no lost bristles. The wood shafts felt light and may not last too long, but I think they’re meant to be disposable. The plastic palette is always welcome and does the job it’s designed for, and does it well. The sponge is fun for some textures, and seems well suited for these lighter, looser paints. A word of warning about opening these paints: Every set of acrylic paints I’ve ever used had a small point on the cap to puncture the seal, where these have a silly little star shape, and they will “pop” when punctured and spurp a little paint out. I’d recommend doing this over a sink, and well away from your body to avoid any spills or stains.


In the end, were the set priced more accordingly, I could see recommending this for kids just getting started, but the lack of coverage and leveling means you might end up with a budding artist frustrated by poor materials. At $21.99, it’s priced far too high to be reasonably considered for a “starter” kit with this quality of product. Colorona needs to either step up it’s game with quality or drastically lower it’s price.


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