Euphoria/CaliTime: Cotton Throw Pillow/Cushion Covers with an Embroidered Dahlia Flower in Burgundy Review


I have always loved inexpensive items that can update my decor. Throw pillows are one of those items that can easily change how a room looks from seasonal, to even changing how a room feels by the colors you choose. White tends to make any color pop and when you combine something like a burgundy colored detail, you can really even make the most boring couch seem new again. I love that nowadays throw pillow covers are coming back because they are easier to store. Why keep trying to shove pillows with permanent covers into trunks or even closets, when you can just change the outside and reuse the same pillow? It saves you money because the cover comes unfilled, space and you can even take that savings and buy more decorative or elaborate cushion covers. CaliTime has an enormous array of designs, colors, fabric, and they really make anything to fit anyone’s decor, style, to even mood! Yes, they have pillow covers with phrases, animals, prints, to the embroidered style I picked. The nice part is they have their own site but they also sell via Amazon, so if you are a Prime member, shipping is also free.

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The Dahlia flower pattern, which is embroidered onto a cotton cloth comes in several colors. You have stitching in gold, grey, teal, navy blue and burgundy. The fabric is thick and not like many white fabrics that tend to be see through. You have a tight weave here and the nicer part, it’s not stiff. The cotton used is actually soft to the tough even though it will be durable because of the quality. Now, the stitching is more than I expected. Pictures can only say so much and in person, the stitching on these covers is phenomenal. At the store, so many pillows get damaged by mishandling and there is never a time that I have not had to fix loose to missing threads on covers of this kind. These arrived pristine! The burgundy thread is a deep wine color that is perfect for anytime from the Autumn colors that are nearing with Fall approaching to everyday use if you have tones that match, or you want a statement piece. This cover works either way! I was very happy and a 2-pack is just $19.95 via Amazon. yes, just a little under $10 a cover. You can’t find that and these are for pillows that measure 18 x 18 inches, so no small size here. The covers are also machine washable in the gentle cycle, again making it a practical purchase. Take a moment and I am sure you will find the perfect covers for your pillow because the selection is amazing!

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Mellanni King Microfiber 1800 Bedsheets

I’ve sung the praises of Melanni bedsheets before here, so when the opportunity arose to try out a set for my king sized bed, I was beyond thrilled. And the quality of these sheets matches the quality of the last sheets!


These king sheets are the same kind and quality of the queen sheets, and while on the surface that doesn’t seem to be saying much, I’ve seen quality, fit and finish swing wildly from batch to batch in even the fanciest and most expensive sheet sets. The same soft spun cotton, the same wrinkle resistance (And yes, a wrinkly sheet can really spoil my night, so I’m counting this as a big plus!), the same cool sleeping as the last set. That “cool sleeping” part might seem like an aside, but for us it was huge. A big part of us avoiding microfiber sheets int he past had to do with the fear that microfiber sheets would sleep hot, and Hubby just cannot bear that, which means I can’t either! I would love to say they’re cotton, but I can’t readily find that information anywhere, and  customer shouldn’t have to hunt for that information either. The sheet didn’t shrink even in hot water and there was none of that annoying short-sheeting either. Everything tucked nicely and stayed that way. I’m a fan of these sheets and I’ll probably pick up a few more sets to rotate.


There is a plethora of colors to choose from, some are striped sateen, and some are flat. There’s really something for everyone!


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Mellanni 1800 Thread Count Striped Sheet Set


I’ve avoided microfiber sheets for the simple fact that while I crave warmth and seek out every sunbeam, Hubby runs too hot and mostly sleeps on top of the sheets and stays in the shade. That, and like lumens with flashlights, thread counts are widely overstated, and last but not least I’ve been burned by sheet sets in the past, both from the department stores and from Amazon. But finally, I think I’ve found a great set of sheets that I can recommend!!


Mellanni Sheets are the goods! No short sheeting, no shallow pockets, no more poor fits, and no more pilling! Yes, I’ve bought and used cheap sheet sets (usually the ones that come in a comforter set) that pilled up and felt awful. Not a problem with these Mellanni sheets. And You want to talk about deep pockets? My Euro-Top mattress usually makes fitted sheets, well, fitting, a nightmare. And it’s not even a ultra plush pillow top! But I had room to spare with these Mellanni sheets. The flat sheet tucked in nicely, was even on both sides, and they absolutely look luxurious. They’re a touch on the thin side, but they feel smooth, light and sleek against the skin. But how do they sleep? Like a dream. No overheating Hubby and no wind-chill or frost for me. We didn’t think it was possible, but I think we’ve finally hit a sweet spot for sheets we can both use and enjoy. I’d avoided microfiber sheets for the fear of just that: Sleeping too hot. Put your mind at rest, these sheets are awesome. I washed and dried them, with normal liquid detergent, on a medium dryer cycle, and didn’t notice any threads loose, runs, shrinkage, and I’ll be darned if they actually did resist wrinkles as advertised. I forgot to pull them from the dryer immediately as I do with out normal sheets, because we all know things left to sit in the dryer are doomed to be a wrinkled mess. And yes, I’m one of those OCD types that has ironed her sheets. Don’t judge me. Well, I don’t have to worry about that any more. Nice.

Without a more trained eye I can’t tell if the thread counts on these are 1800. If I had to guess, I’d say probably not, but looking at the quality for the price, I’m not complaining. I’ve spent a heck of a lot more that $35 (shipped free with Prime) and gotten a heck of a lot less! In fact, I liked them so much that I’ll be picking up a few sets, for both ours and the extra bedroom! They come in 8 colors and 4 sizes, so there’s something for everyone. Grab a set or two today!


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WaySoft’s Single-Sided Australian Lambswool Pillow Cover

You’d be surprised how much a single throw pillow can really set off a piece of furniture, and sometimes it’s not just the bright and garish ones you notice. Sometimes, it’s the subtle and classic ones, like WaySoft’s Australian Lambswool Pillow cover makes that turns people’s heads. It also helps that it’s soft and plush as all get out!


Some people think of lambswool as scratchy and coarse, but if it’s quality and prepared well, it’s just about the softest thing I’ve had a pillow made from! This 16″ x 16″ pillow cover is just begging to be overstuffed and thrown onto your favorite arm chair, recliner, or

sofa and be used to “count the sheep to sleep”! The zippered back (with protective fold over it to keep from scratching delicate surfaces) makes stuffing and unstuffing a breeze, and since it’s with an advanced antimicrobial agent, I doubt you’ll ever notice that it’s even machine washable. It feels just as good as it looks, and it looks downright lovely. And the fact that it’s genuine lambswool and only $39.99? That’s about as good as it gets on these cold winter nights! In fact, it’s often a race to the couch to see who get’s everyone’s new favorite pillow first! The back is a cotton canvas and the stitching throughout is top notch. I might have to pick up a few extra so there’s no more hurt feelings on the other side of the sofa.


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Yorkshire Mayfair: Fine Bed Linens Hotel Collection Bed Sheets Review #Luxury1000Thread


Having a California King sized bed is great because you have room to sleep and move in but is negative when it comes to shopping for sheets, bed spreads, comforters, or anything of the like. Big bed means big prices!

I was thrilled when the Yorkshire Mayfair Company (L&Z inc.) reached out and sent bed linens for review. I just purchased a set of sheets but they don’t tuck in well at the corners and this was before washing. Cottons are just not made the same anymore and even treating a set of sheets to a delicate cycle of wash and tumble, it just does not guarantee no shrinkage, so back to the store they went. Comforter sets rarely come with the sheets anymore and when they do, a bed-in-a-bag deal is not the same quality it use to be. I’m not paying $200 plus for sheets I am going to be fighting with!

I always wash sheets before use and did so with the Yorkshire Mayfair ones. The package states:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Deep Pockets that fit up to 18″ Mattresses
  • 1000 Thread Count

The Amazon listing states: Satten Egyptian Cotton and I the sheets do have a shiny finish and feel. Not close to silk sheets in feel but more like a polyester finish. I also noticed the listing reflects a edge on the sheets that is not present on mine, nor is the color I was sent (not of my choosing) is available via Amazon. The fold over portion of the flat sheet on my set is just plain, reflecting just two thread seams sewn across. The listing on Amazon reflects a decorative edge that is like a rolled ribbon look that these did not have. The color of the sheets is on the pink/rose scale but sort of almost like a dusty rose hue that has a sheen on top.  The listing also states 16″ fit even when you change sizing but the package states it fits up to a 18″ mattress.

After Wash:
The sheen remains and I washed the sheets on the delicate cycle with Woolite and tumbled on the delicate setting to avoid shrinkage. The sheets did wrinkle a bit and I had to iron out the wrinkles, even though the sheets never sat in the dryer after the cycle finished. I actually took them out before the drying cycle ended.

Making the Bed:
After I ironed the sheets and let me tell you that King sized sheets that need to be ironed is no party! It took me 30 minutes to get them ready to make the bed and I will say the deep pockets helped and shrinkage was not detected and/or it was so negligible that I did not notice it. The King size did work well with our California King bed, so zero issues there.



Final Verdict:
The sheets range on Amazon between $99.00 to $129.95, depending on color choice. I would have not purchased a sort of pink hue that even looks purplish in certain light (but not calming lavender) for either price point. Yes, the sheets wrinkled but I have had worse wrinkles from more expensive brands. These were manageable when it came to ironing and not like others that I just wanted to throw out! I like soft sheets but I noticed the softness comes from the sheen and I would say they are more like smooth in feel to the touch, versus just being soft in texture from the cotton. Unknown if with more washes that sheen will wear off as the dyes fade and if the sheets will hold any of that smoothness feel. I will say that I’m trying to imagine them in a different color and even then, I would have been a bit upset not getting a finished flat sheet look like the one in the listing on Amazon. The Amazon listing has no Satisfaction Guarantee stated and the website the manufacture provided is incomplete, so I would weigh that into account but I know some sellers are better if a problem should arise. I removed the sheets because even though my Husband would have still slept in the bed, I just don’t think it’s right to have our bed made up with pink sheets or flowers anything. I kept the bedroom neutral because it’s only fair 🙂

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