Yorkshire Mayfair: Fine Bed Linens Hotel Collection Bed Sheets Review #Luxury1000Thread


Having a California King sized bed is great because you have room to sleep and move in but is negative when it comes to shopping for sheets, bed spreads, comforters, or anything of the like. Big bed means big prices!

I was thrilled when the Yorkshire Mayfair Company (L&Z inc.) reached out and sent bed linens for review. I just purchased a set of sheets but they don’t tuck in well at the corners and this was before washing. Cottons are just not made the same anymore and even treating a set of sheets to a delicate cycle of wash and tumble, it just does not guarantee no shrinkage, so back to the store they went. Comforter sets rarely come with the sheets anymore and when they do, a bed-in-a-bag deal is not the same quality it use to be. I’m not paying $200 plus for sheets I am going to be fighting with!

I always wash sheets before use and did so with the Yorkshire Mayfair ones. The package states:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Deep Pockets that fit up to 18″ Mattresses
  • 1000 Thread Count

The Amazon listing states: Satten Egyptian Cotton and I the sheets do have a shiny finish and feel. Not close to silk sheets in feel but more like a polyester finish. I also noticed the listing reflects a edge on the sheets that is not present on mine, nor is the color I was sent (not of my choosing) is available via Amazon. The fold over portion of the flat sheet on my set is just plain, reflecting just two thread seams sewn across. The listing on Amazon reflects a decorative edge that is like a rolled ribbon look that these did not have. The color of the sheets is on the pink/rose scale but sort of almost like a dusty rose hue that has a sheen on top.  The listing also states 16″ fit even when you change sizing but the package states it fits up to a 18″ mattress.

After Wash:
The sheen remains and I washed the sheets on the delicate cycle with Woolite and tumbled on the delicate setting to avoid shrinkage. The sheets did wrinkle a bit and I had to iron out the wrinkles, even though the sheets never sat in the dryer after the cycle finished. I actually took them out before the drying cycle ended.

Making the Bed:
After I ironed the sheets and let me tell you that King sized sheets that need to be ironed is no party! It took me 30 minutes to get them ready to make the bed and I will say the deep pockets helped and shrinkage was not detected and/or it was so negligible that I did not notice it. The King size did work well with our California King bed, so zero issues there.



Final Verdict:
The sheets range on Amazon between $99.00 to $129.95, depending on color choice. I would have not purchased a sort of pink hue that even looks purplish in certain light (but not calming lavender) for either price point. Yes, the sheets wrinkled but I have had worse wrinkles from more expensive brands. These were manageable when it came to ironing and not like others that I just wanted to throw out! I like soft sheets but I noticed the softness comes from the sheen and I would say they are more like smooth in feel to the touch, versus just being soft in texture from the cotton. Unknown if with more washes that sheen will wear off as the dyes fade and if the sheets will hold any of that smoothness feel. I will say that I’m trying to imagine them in a different color and even then, I would have been a bit upset not getting a finished flat sheet look like the one in the listing on Amazon. The Amazon listing has no Satisfaction Guarantee stated and the website the manufacture provided is incomplete, so I would weigh that into account but I know some sellers are better if a problem should arise. I removed the sheets because even though my Husband would have still slept in the bed, I just don’t think it’s right to have our bed made up with pink sheets or flowers anything. I kept the bedroom neutral because it’s only fair 🙂

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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Yorkshire Mayfair (L&Z inc.).  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


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