Ohuhu Extra Heavy Duty Waterproof Bike Cover



While this product might seem like it’s out of my wheelhouse, I’m always happy to find and repurpose products. Such is the case with this Ohuhu “Extra Heavy Duty” bicycle cover. While I don’t own a bicycle or motorcycle, I did get my husband a new lawnmower recently, and rather than just leave it out in the elements, I was fortuitously offered this bicycle cover to review, and as luck would have it, it fit the mower to a tee.


It’s roomy, and has an elastic strip along the bottom to ensure a semi-custom fit. It does a spectacular job keeping rain, dirt and dust off of what it covers, and looks kinds nifty to boot, all sliver with sporty black. The plastic buckle on the bottom ensures that it will stay securely over whatever you cover as well. The only issue I have is the labeling of “Extra Heavy Duty”. It’s tissue paper thin and I have no doubt that left to the elements it would tear or be ruined quite quickly. Fortunately, what I’m keeping covered is being kept in a shed, so barring major weather events it only has to protect the mower from dust, dirt and the occasional errant drops of water, so it should last a good long time. When not in use, it can be folded up and kept in the included carry bag.



It’s an adequate product that will do exactly what it’s designed to do, but calling it “extra heavy duty” is really a bit of a stretch and leads one to believe it’s thicker or sturdier than it actually is, and I’d be careful leaving it exposed to the elements for any extended period of time. But if your expectations are tempered, you’ll find this Ohuhu cover a decent value for the price.


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