Federico’s Car Care Microfiber Wash Mitt (2-Pack)


In California, we don’t get to wash our cars much anymore. Regardless of your opinions about the drought and it’s causes, severity, or tenure…that ship sailed and we’re here, in a drought. You might imagine the bittersweet surprise when Federico’s Car Care sent me a pair of chenille microfiber wash mitts to compliment the microfiber polish cloths 5 pack I reviewed right here not too long ago. So let’s fill a bucket of soapy water and get right too it, shall we?


On a hot but not too sunny day in SoCal I filled a bucket with soapy water and set to work. It grabbed and held the sudsy water and cleaned the old truck like a dream! When I was done I washed and rinsed it and set it out to dry in the sun, and when it dried gave it a shake to find the nap of the chenille was just as fluffy and plush as when it was new! Nice! It’s also 100% machine washable, too.

Microfiber is a natural fit for a car wash mitt, with it being extra absorbent and it’s tendency to wick up dirt and grime and keep it away from your paint. It purports to be soft and lint free, and at first, it very much was. By then end of our truck wash, little bitty orange fibers were clearly visible on the silver-grey paint. Truthfully, almost any cloth will leave some small bit of lint, but the bright orange color is going to make even the smallest fibers stand out. A minor knock on and otherwise great product!


What I liked was it was plush and well made enough that it seems it could be used for quite a while before needing replacement. But, instead of hanging on to one (Remember, you get 2 to a box!) the other could easily be used to buff off wax or polish, or even for quick detailing sprays and kept in a trunk, console or glove box! Because it covers the entire hand, front and back, there’s no worries about jewelry or nails scratching that oh-so-important clear coat, either! Want to use it dry as a duster inside the car? The fine nap of the fabric will grab and hold dust too! And like all Federico’s Car Care products, they’re backed with a 90-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can rest assured they will stand behind their products! And at $9.99 (shipped free via Amazon Prime), it’s tough to beat the value!


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