Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Collection

I had over 7 different leave-in hair products under my sink and none left me even 75% satisfied with the results. I can say that the Monoi product by Carol’s Daughter has left me 150% satisfied. My hair looks healthier with a beautiful shine (not oily). It does not cause break-outs but controls fly-aways and the best part, your hair is just so soft. I did not lose volume and it left my hair looking the best it could ever look.  It reduced my frizz and static is now a stranger to my locks.  I have hair down to my waist and only used what adds up to two pea sized drops.  The dispenser is easy to work and dispenses the right amount every time without waste.  I’m so happy!  I consider this my one and only leave-in from now on. The other positive, my cabinet has more room now!

I received this item free of charge from Klout and Carol’s Daughter. I share my honest opinion without commitment in having to give the product a favorable/unfavorable review. Your opinion may differ from mine.


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