Calvin & Hobbes Reward via Kred and GoComics

GoComics and Kred partnered up and offered their members a free exclusive 30-day PRO-Membership. It gets better! Just for signing up, they would be sending Kred members the first and the last comic strip printed from Calvin & Hobbes. I imagined little pieces of paper with copies of the strip and was pleasantly surprised when I received what is pictured below. Being that my Husband is a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan, these go perfectly with his comic’s collection. Kred is not just about rewards for yourself but others can definitely benefit from your membership too. Sign-up today, so you do not miss out on the next reward! Go now! Also, visit GoComics and what is best, both Kred and GoComics membership costs a whopping $0.00. Want to go PRO at It’s just $0.99 cents a month or $11.88 for the year. Thanks  & Kred! This reward is still available right now so like I said, “GO!”




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