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In the world of essential oils and the like, many companies like to make things fuzzy by using terms as, Pharmaceutical Grade and/or Therapeutic Grade. Who grades or certifies these oils? No one! You have trust the supplier, unless you get into food grades where the FDA grades and then you hear terms as Virgin, Extra Virgin and the like. When it comes to real certifications, where you pay an agency for them to come in, inspect and grade your materials, you then see such certifications like the “Non-GMO” and Organic labels. It comes down to sources and knowing them, so I am a bit critical when it comes to oils and I always think about what will I be using them for and price point attached.


Majestic Oils, is a company that carries an array of products and especially oils. They have “Carrier” oils, which get used in addition to essential oils. Think of a candle and the wax is the carrier, where the fragrance would be the essential oil. I was sent a bottle of their, Peppermint Oil to try.

Benefits/Evidence of Peppermint Oil in Essential form:
Beyond it’s soothing scent and being able to clear our nasal passages, Peppermint oil can provide you with many benefits. As I researched, I found many use the oil for stomach problems like nausea and vomiting, however I did see it could worsen heartburn. While many find the oil to sooth the skin, adverse reaction is a possibility if you are sensitive to the plant. You will need to do your research and I went by scientific findings versus just anecdotal evidence. I like balancing out what people report and measure it against what can be proven. I found mostly the essential oil was safer if used as a way to relieve nasal congestion but keeping in mind that for some, it can cause headaches.


I kept the aforementioned in mind and used the product in oil essential form to re-freshen the home, since we keep doors and windows shut close doing colder weather. Being that I suffer from allergies and always congested, I did find mixing the essential Peppermint oil with the Fractionated Coconut oil from Majestic Pure, was the perfect match! The oil filled the home with what I forgot was the true scent of peppermint. I got so use to faux smells that I forgot how calming a scent with cooler notes can be. It did freshen up the home, which I found pleasurable and that alone made me feel good. Think of what lavender can do and peppermint shares the same aromatherapy properties. I actually enjoyed it and threw anything away that claimed to be peppermint scented and was not. The essential oil by Majestic Pure also goes far! I just needed to use a few drops with the other oil, to achieve that perfect balance.


Retail Price Point: $18.50 for a large 4 fluid ounce bottle


My small and only Con- The dropper is included and while it’s glass and I love it…’s just sort of thrown in with bubble wrap into a box where the bottle fits well but not with the dropper. The dropper comes apart easily, as that is how it arrived. Being that the oil could be used on the skin and such, it just did not seem like the most sanitary way to include this. Maybe just adding it to the bottle and including the smaller (non-dropper) top would have been wiser. I cleared the dropper with alcohol because it just seemed as the smart thing to do 🙂  This con would not keep me from buying though!


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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Majestic Pure.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.



BzzAgent Campaign: Claritin D Review


Let me preface this by saying that I was a Zyrtec girl. If there’s an allergy out there, I’ll suffer from it. Flowers? Check. Pollen? Check. Dander? Double check. Dust? Check, check, all day check. You get the picture. I was famous in high school for always having a Kleenex box in hand. And lately, a little of the shine has come off the Zyrtec apple. How fortuitous was it then that BzzAgents offered me a Claritin-D campaign? Did the stars align for me or what?

What did I like:

Can you say sniffles-be-gone? Because now I can! How cool is that? I’d forgotten the relief I’m supposed to feel with an allergy pill! That’s not to completely dump on Zyrtec. It served me very well for many, many years, but the human body is an amazing machine, and it adapts and builds tolerances to a lot of things, medication included. I was long overdue for a change, and Claritin-D is just what the doctor ordered.


My doctor recommended it, and BzzAgents offered a campaign. I got the message, universe. Thanks.

It was also nice that both my allergy relief and my nasal congestion is addressed in just one pill. Before, I was taking separate pills, but Claritin-D had the presence of mind to combine both of my pills. One less pill is always a good thing. And before everyone points it out, yes, I know Zyrtec makes a “D” version as well.

What didn’t I Like?

This might be nit picking, but the BzzAgents coupon for this campaign didn’t cover the cost of the full quantity mentioned on the coupon (10 or more). Bad form, BzzAgents. Bad form.

Also, what’s up with the funky quantities, Claritin? Let’s all look and see how many days in a month. 30. Split that in half for you lucky seasonal-allergies types. What’s that? 15? Someone at Claritin, get on the ball and let’s make a box cover a whole month, please? Thank you very much.

The Verdict:

Thanks for the memories, Zyrtec, but don’t let the door hit you on the tush on the way out. This is now a Claritin-D house.

I received the above product from BzzAgent and my only commitment is to provide an honest review. I have no obligation of sharing a favorable (or unfavorable) opinion. The above statement are my own opinion based on my experiences with the product. Your opinion may differ from mine.


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