Ohuhu Chrome-look Automatic Soap Dispenser


Okay, so you know when you’ve got your hands full of schmutz, and the last thing you want to do is handle your soap dispenser, hoping it doesn’t slip out of your hands and fall on the floor? Of then have to wash the dispenser because it’s now covered in chicken goop*? Ohuhu knows your pain and wants you to suffer no more. They’ve come up with a touch-free automatic soap dispenser. There’s some pluses and some minuses here, so let’s dive right in, shall we?


To start, I think it’s mislabled. You’re led to believe that the dispenser is stainless steel, when in fact it’s chome-painted ABS plastic. It’s a little fragile-feeling too, with a strange plastic key to unlock the battery door. Once we get past that, it’s a neat little dispenser with a wide base for stability, a wall-mount kit and a large plastic reservoir for soap along with a little window in front to know when you’re getting low on soap. There’s three settings for the amount of soap dispensed, and it’s easily adjustable by the button on front. A dual-color LED on top let’s you know when it’s ready to dispense, and how much. One just needs to place your hand underneath and the motion sensor picks up your hand and dispenses.


Perfect for the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage or anywhere one might need to wash their hands, this is a neat little dispenser that I’m glad I got to try. At $19.99 (at the time of this writing) I feel it’s a touch steep for plastic, but almost makes up for it with the convenience.


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