Milumia: Summer Dress in Pink with a Lace/Crotchet waist #Review


Buying clothing on-line can be tricky at times and especially when you need an article for a special event on short notice. I find that everyone’s size small is not the same but at most stores or even internet clothing sites, you can at least run error on the side of caution that you can give or take a few inches. I love it when sites list actual measurements because let’s face it, you are cutting fabric to a certain dimension to give it a size. Sounds simple!




Not so simple when the measurements do not match the article of clothing. Let me start by saying I range between a size small in some brands and medium in others. My chest is usually what makes me go up on size because I dislike that feeling of sleeves being pulled if a shirt is too tight in the front. In comes Milumia that thankfully lists the measurements in centimeters, but gives the shopper an idea of sizing. Dresses are a safe bet because you don’t usually have to worry about waist and hip sizes with certain styles and especially those worn in Summer. I wanted dresses that have a light fabric, so these being 100% rayon allowed the fabric to remain light and breathable.




Now, to the second dress I ordered from Milumia. I ordered size small and it was still too baggy on the bottom but nowhere near as the white one I reviewed first. Extra small was available but at 33.1 inches, this left no room for error as I am about 33 inches around the chest and a C cup. The dress featured is a light soft pink in color (in the picture) with a paler pink where the crochet style lays, giving it a nice contrast. You have a beautiful flutter of fabric that rests just below the shoulder and it gives the dress a very fun and just perfect for Summer look! You also have a pearled-like pink button that allows you to have an open or closed “key-hole” at the chest.




When I received the dress, the dress is not at all as soft “pink” as pictured. At the time I wanted the coffee color but it was not stocked in my size. I went with the pink as the second choice. I notice now Salmon is available and that reflects an even paler color than the pink I received. I can easily say the pink fabric does not reflect in hue to the one pictured and it seems like names of colors are being used freely without really knowing what hue they reflect. Furthermore, that contrast in the picture on Amazon where the lace lays……well, it’s not there. The pink on the crotchet is as deep in pink as the rest of the dress. The cut is also a little odd. The torso is not as long as it should be, making this dress almost have a doll like cut. I’m short at 5’3 and the torso just did not set well when I wore it. The waist is high but because it is not fit to your body, you lose any curvature you may have and it just looks like a child’s dress even though the skirt part is long enough. Very unusual. I have worn high waist dresses and because the cut in sizing was accurate, the dress rested beautifully.  Again, the sizing does not correspond with the one listed. This dress on the “waist” and top are way too baggy. I mean inches here in sizing being off, not centimeters. You will also note that there is discrepancies in sizing by color choice. Yes, Milumia has different dimensions for sizes that go by the color you choose. I have never seen this before. I can sometimes see where one color of fabric is sewn in one factory and another at a different location and you may have a few discrepancies by centimeters, but you have differences in inches here! So before you order, make sure to look and even then like the size small, pink dress I received; the color is wrong (and it goes beyond computer settings), the contrast in fabrics is not there and the seamstress did not even go by the graph present for the color/size. This dress retails for $19.99 and I could see it as a bargain if the sizing was respected and even the contrast in fabric was like the picture. A dress that is just too big and does not represent the sizing listed just makes it a draw of luck. Will the dress you get be the size stated? Who knows! Due to the color being as it is, I will not be trying to fix this one. I may try to wash it and see if it shrinks but then it could be shorter and not something I desire when the bottom is baggy (not airy).




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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Milumia. I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion. I received no other compensation in exchange for my review. My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.



ROMWE Limited Dress: Nude Colored Slip with a Black colored Lace Pattern overlay (Women’s V neck & Short Cap sleeve) #Review #Romwe


I am always looking for affordable fashion options and especially with designs that are hot now and won’t be so hot later. Most times I make purchases with the idea I want the items to last, so I opt for classical styles and I must admit, my wardrobe starts to look kind of boring. Everything starts looking alike and the difference may be same cuts but in different colors or patterns.

In comes Romwe, and they distribute both via their website and on Amazon. Buying clothes on-line can be iffy at times. You just don’t know how sizing runs and certain production lines may run true to fit, while then you get a huge swing where items start then running large. Being that I was new to Romwe, I decided to play it safe and ordered one size up. Romwe differs where they list how their sizes run for each item, but I did notice where I may be a small in one version/style, I could easily jump to a medium in another style. Like with every female we run into issues where some shirts you just don’t want to pop out of!

Size Chart (as listed on Amazon):

  • XS: Shoulder:14.0 inch, Bust:33.3, Waist Size:26.0 inch, Length:32.8 inch, Sleeve Length:2.6 inch
  • S: Shoulder:14.4 inch, Bust:34.8 inch, Waist Size:27.6 inch, Length:33.1 inch, Sleeve Length:3.0 inch
  • M: Shoulder:14.8 inch, Bust:36.4 inch, Waist Size:29.1 inch, Length:33.5 inch, Sleeve Length:3.3 inch
  • L: Shoulder:15.2 inch, Bust:38.0 inch, Waist Size:30.7 inch, Length:33.9 inch, Sleeve Length:3.7 inch



Retail Price Point: On Amazon, the dress retails for $22.32 and ships free if you are a Prime member.  This means returns/exchanges are also free for Prime members!

I selected two items to review and I will first start with the dress I ordered. Being that I have Prime on Amazon, I did not experience a delay in delivery. All items were in stock and shipped rather quickly. The dress arrives and the pattern matches the one that is pictured, with a nude colored slip and a black colored lace pattern, which overlays nicely over the slip. I am a size 33 to 34 in the chest/breast area but a C cup, so I ordered a Medium size in this version. Waist is stated as a 29 (I’m a 27-28) and I found it rather larger than stated, closer to a 31. The stomach area (hips) is large again, like it bunches a bit due to the sewing detail Romwe added. When you look at the dress on-line, you see those pleats on the bottom of the dress? Well, the seamstress that did the dress sort of bunched the material a bit so above the pleats, I have two small bunches of fabric that causes that extra room. Not a big deal because it creates comfort but I would have liked a more fitting (tighter/neater) when it comes to the sewing. I think too much fabric was left to create the pleats but thing created extra tummy room too.  The dress flairs out towards the bottom if you move (just like with the model pictured) and because I’m a short girl, my dress is not as short as it is on the model but again, it adds to the comfort level. So, my little black dress is not as little as I wanted it to be but then again, I was playing it safe and ordered a size up. The fabric has no odd chemical order and smells almost freshly laundered, so I appreciated that. The fabric is not scratchy and I found zero snags. Now, you recall how I mentioned bunching of fabric? Well, the same bunching happened to my zipper, which is located on the side of the dress to give the article a nicer flow in pattern when worn. My zipper has a hiccup 3/4 up and thankfully because the dress is roomy, I can easily insert my index finger while my Husband takes the zipper the other 1/4 up. My finger serves as a smooth bridge, so the zipper can travel over, negating the bunching of fabric.  The bunch thankfully can not be seen when worn (even if I lift my arms) because the lace on top helps mask the beige fabric underneath, so the knot of material is undetectable. I look at everything above and weigh in on the price point. It’s fair for a dress of this quality and most importantly, this style. I have not washed mine yet and will be doing so on extra gentle and with Woolite for dark. I can see as long as I treat the dress nicely, the dress should last me the amount of wears I desire to have out of it. If when the zipper no longer can make the jump over the fabric that gathered, by then an almost $25 investment would have yielded a bargain on a really pretty style of dress. It’s comfortable, has a sexy flair and it’s great for a little date night! It looks like it cost more than what it is priced at so this is a win-win in my book. Perfect!



Romwe Promo Codes

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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Romwe Limited. I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion. My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

Old Navy & Crowdtap Dress Campaign

I am member of Crowdtap and part of the Old Navy Style Council. One of the perks of being a member is being able to have “share parties”, where you and a guest visit an Old Navy store and pick-up items for free. I have participated in several of these parties from Tank-tops, Active Wear, to the latest Shorts collection. This time I was ecstatic to be able to participate in the latest Dress Collections from Old Navy. I received a coupon for myself and one for a guest (friend). They had many styles and colors to choose from. I wanted to add to my little black dress collection, so I opted for the one below:

No need to dry-clean and that is a major plus in my book because I never make it to the dry-cleaners, and always have a bag of items that I truly intend to take but never do. I love with the weather we get in California, I can add a Cardigan for the colder days but can be comfortable and still look stylish for the warmer ones.

My friend opted for the latest trend, Sweater Dresses. I loved this one but did not want to walk out looking like a twin so I am waiting for the other color to come in stock and in my size. I also like that the dress can work as a top with skinny jeans. Very trendy and versatile.

Like always, Old Navy charges fair prices for what they sell. Make sure to cruise the Clearance section because you can find the best bargains there on items that they quickly clear out. I always check on-line on what I want to look for beforehand because I tend to lose focus when I enter the store. They have so many items that I tend to forget what I was looking for in the first place so this gives me ideas on what items I want to see in person. I always walk away purchasing more than I planned for but I never regret it because most times it’s because the items had sale prices that I did not plan for. They even had dog jackets on clearance, so of course I picked one up!

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