Tantino Gold-Framed Classic Aviator Style Sunglasses

Spring is almost sprung in Southern California and with it comes a lot of bright, sunny days. Sunglasses are almost a necessity out here, and I’m always on the lookout for an affordable pair to match with outfits. When Tantino put up a pair of sunglasses in a the classic aviator style, I was intrigued. Let’s just say I’m not anymore.


To start, Amazon did them no favors by carelessly throwing them into the box with no protection and a much larger item along with it, which essentially beat the holy hell out of them for the duration of the trip. Amazon did replace them, and what I had ascribed to damage from shipping is actually mostly really poor quality control and poor materials used. My lenses were not optically correct, which will lead to a great deal of eye strain and headaches. The frames were so thin they bent just opening them. The nosepiece needed a lot of adjustment to rest straight on my face. But, in their defense, the amber lenses didn’t cast too much tint on everything, more of making the world sepia-toned.The big 56mm lenses cover the entire field of view, the plastic lenses seem pretty sturdy, and they claim 100% UVA/UVB protection for your eyes.


Lastly, as I was browsing my local Target, I saw a bunch of aviator-style sunglasses in a bin for $3 each. They were identical to these from Tantino, except the Target ones I picked up were optically correct, and these were a third of the price. I know I was probably expecting too much from sunglasses costing $10.99 (the price they were asking at the time I checked out. It’s since gone lower), but I’ve bought hubby $10 sunglasses at the supermarket and had better results. Do yourself, and your eyes, a favor and spend a little more for a better pair of sunglasses.


Visit In Touch with Style’s website to take advantage of their “Halloween Sale”. I kid you not:

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This is the internet equivalent of leaving your Christmas lights up till June. Get it together, people.


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