Euphoria/CaliTime: Cotton Throw Pillow/Cushion Covers with an Embroidered Dahlia Flower in Burgundy Review


I have always loved inexpensive items that can update my decor. Throw pillows are one of those items that can easily change how a room looks from seasonal, to even changing how a room feels by the colors you choose. White tends to make any color pop and when you combine something like a burgundy colored detail, you can really even make the most boring couch seem new again. I love that nowadays throw pillow covers are coming back because they are easier to store. Why keep trying to shove pillows with permanent covers into trunks or even closets, when you can just change the outside and reuse the same pillow? It saves you money because the cover comes unfilled, space and you can even take that savings and buy more decorative or elaborate cushion covers. CaliTime has an enormous array of designs, colors, fabric, and they really make anything to fit anyone’s decor, style, to even mood! Yes, they have pillow covers with phrases, animals, prints, to the embroidered style I picked. The nice part is they have their own site but they also sell via Amazon, so if you are a Prime member, shipping is also free.

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The Dahlia flower pattern, which is embroidered onto a cotton cloth comes in several colors. You have stitching in gold, grey, teal, navy blue and burgundy. The fabric is thick and not like many white fabrics that tend to be see through. You have a tight weave here and the nicer part, it’s not stiff. The cotton used is actually soft to the tough even though it will be durable because of the quality. Now, the stitching is more than I expected. Pictures can only say so much and in person, the stitching on these covers is phenomenal. At the store, so many pillows get damaged by mishandling and there is never a time that I have not had to fix loose to missing threads on covers of this kind. These arrived pristine! The burgundy thread is a deep wine color that is perfect for anytime from the Autumn colors that are nearing with Fall approaching to everyday use if you have tones that match, or you want a statement piece. This cover works either way! I was very happy and a 2-pack is just $19.95 via Amazon. yes, just a little under $10 a cover. You can’t find that and these are for pillows that measure 18 x 18 inches, so no small size here. The covers are also machine washable in the gentle cycle, again making it a practical purchase. Take a moment and I am sure you will find the perfect covers for your pillow because the selection is amazing!

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Romwe Limited: Bohemian Shirt style dress in Navy Blue #Review #Romwe


I am always looking for affordable fashion options and especially with designs that are hot now and won’t be so hot later. Most times I make purchases with the idea I want the items to last, so I opt for classical styles and I must admit, my wardrobe starts to look kind of boring. Everything starts looking alike and the difference may be same cuts but in different colors or patterns.

In comes Romwe, and they distribute both via their website and on Amazon. Buying clothes on-line can be iffy at times. You just don’t know how sizing runs and certain production lines may run true to fit, while then you get a huge swing where items start then running large. Being that I was new to Romwe, I decided to play it safe and ordered one size up. Romwe differs where they list how their sizes run for each item, but I did notice where I may be a small in one version/style, I could easily jump to a medium in another style. Like with every female we run into issues where some shirts you just don’t want to pop out of!

I selected two items to review and now comes the Bohemian Shirt style dress in a blue toned fabric. Being that I have Prime on Amazon, I did not experience a delay in delivery. All items were in stock and shipped rather quickly. This is where I had a difficult time choosing a size that fir accordingly because of the dimensions listed.

Sizing (as listed on Amazon):

  • XS: Bust:31.5 inch, Length:32 inch,Sleeve Length:22.8 inch
  • S: Bust:32 inch, Length:32.5 inch,Sleeve Length:23 inch
  • M: Bust:33.5 inch, Length:33 inch,Sleeve Length:23.2 inch
  • L: Bust:35 inch, Length:33.5 inch,Sleeve Length:23.4 inch

Retail Price Point: Via Amazon, the dress is $24.19 and free shipping if you have Prime membership.


There is no waist or hip size! I looked at the dress on-line and noticed there was not a fabric listed, so I had no idea if the dress had give or not. I figured if the dress was too tight in the chest area, a tank top could fix that.  I opted on going with a size that is more true fit on the chest, thinking it would then flow a little loose on the waist and hips, as per the style (fitting) on the model. I went with a size Small. The dress gets here and I should have gone with an X-Small! The dress is very largely cut and the dimensions listed are not a true representation. I love the style but the cut (final piece) is not sewn or like the picture, and this is the one I had higher hopes on. I call it a tarp but my Husband calls it a frock. If you have a waist, it’s all lost in the shirt. The dress has pockets, creating again that replication of bunching that I had with the first dress where it was sewn. There is no light flow to the fabric, as it is 100% polyester. This means no breathable feeling when worn. I’m short, so the arms were a perfect length but because there is elastic at the ends, my elastic band is still loose around the wrist. I attribute this to going a size up even though my chest/breast area is between a 33 and 34, this dress is lose there but the sewing on the shoulders……well, it was not done evenly. The shoulder area (seam) rests on the front of my shoulders, not on the shoulders themselves. Think collarbone. The dress is closed on the front by one stitch, which cause a gap if you move in it. I will be removing the stitch to stop this from happening and altering it so a tank top shows, but not so down that my undies show. This will also fix that forward like feeling of where the seams rest. My pockets sag because that is how much fabric gathers at the hips and waist. I think if we knew the model’s size (height, dimensions and waist/hip sizing because mine looks like it belongs on a large versus a small). If I ordered an extra small and the seamstress was the same one……well, the seams issues would have been the same. I wanted to love this dress but I think mine was just cut way too big on the bottom to be able to enjoy it and it look flattering on me. One thing is a little baggy for comfort/casual and another thing is so baggy that I am swimming in it.  The reason for the extra star, I can fix this dress.  I have a sewing machine and will be altering it but this is not always an option for everyone.  I also noticed by the reviews, the sizing is all over where some reviewers found the dress to fitting and some to loose.  I again attribute this to maybe this design the sewing/fitting is all over the place.  Kind of how the sleeve states 3/4 length but on the model that is not the case.  My dress also does not rest shorter on the front and longer on the back, it’s just the same all around.


Romwe Promo Codes

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US Art Supply: 3″ x 3″ Mini Professional Primed Stretched Canvas (1-Pack of 12-Mini Canvases) #Review #UsArtSupply


I again welcome US Art Supply to the blog and this time they sent the most adorable little canvases for me to review. I have been on an art and craft kick that seems to have no end to it, so you can see why my love for US Art Supply runs so strong.


The miniature canvases measure 3 inches by 3 inches, with a 3/8 of an inch profile. These canvases are made using acid free gesso and are triple primed, so you have a nice thick platform to create on. The canvas material is stretched by hand and over wooden “stretcher bars” that are made with kiln dried wood, which tends to not lose it’s shape. Your art remains beautifull for year to come without worry of sag or destruction to the image. If you put the work in to make something, it should reward you with years of lasting so you can enjoy it!


Retail Price Point: $11.97 for 12 mini canvases in each pack and they measure 3 x 3 in size. This is also a product that qualifies for free shipping with an Amazon Prime account.

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I figure it was time to make something for a bare wall that has been in our library/office. I have geodes and the such on the book shelves along with books but I wanted something that represents nature, but had a unique appearance. Something educational but also contained beauty and because I love to garden, I figured an homage to bees. These little guys not only help my citrus trees produce fruit, keep my berry bushes producing boysenberries, but they love everything from the rose garden to the hibiscus bushes we have along the wall. Always busy and buzzing, plus with the amount of bees lowering in count, I figured it was time to show appreciation for the little workers. I went with a green background to keep within nature’s colors and sketched a bee (of course with a US Art Supply pencil). I went with metal flowers to add contrast to the piece and again a different element of texture. I gathered some worker bees that seemed to have worked too hard and perished (in the pool) and put them under a glass dome and in a bottle using copper wire. I even took US Art Supply’s 3 x 4 inch canvas and used it backwards to create a honey store. These canvases can be used more than just the front-side and that is what I love about them! The material is smooth even on the backside and because US Art Supply takes care in production, the back portion is made nice enough to be usable. I fixed everything to a floral fabric and redid a vintage frame into a shadowbox frame, to provide more depth. This also allows me to use large items like glass bottles and domes. I collected everything I had on bees from charms to even earrings (bee wings) that I used for the honey bottles and the bumble bee earrings to be featured flying around the black colored rose on the fabric, just like they fly around the flowers. Simple and really just re-purposing what I had around the home because I figured a bee uses all it can in nature to keep working (or for me crafting)!

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I received the above product(s) free of charge from U.S. Art Supply. I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion. My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

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