Glytterati Men’s Wedding Band Titanium w/ Gold Ion Plating



Hubby wears no jewelry, save for his wedding band. In fact, he’s adamant about it. Years and years ago, I got him a tungsten carbide band, with three diamonds in it. Because he’s rough on his ring, and his old gold band had seen better days. And he needs a ring that can stand up to every day beatings, and still not look like an old run-over lock nut he found in a parking lot. But, steel is steel, even if it’s tungsten, and I wanted something nicer for when we go out, and boy howdy if this Titanium and Gold Band from Glytterati doesn’t fit that need to a tee!


With titanium rings, it seems a lot of manufacturers want to put all manner of goofy inlays, of intricate designs, or laser etch something trendy into it. Finding a simple, elegant ring that is at least 8mm used to be a nightmare for me. Anything smaller on Hubby’s sausage fingers tends to look…feminine. His original tungsten band was 9mm, and it still looked slim on his finger, but the gold ion plating of the Gytterati ring sets off the edges and makes the 8mm band look a little larger.  The gold ion plating runs from one edge, all around the inside, and back to the other edge and is polished to a mirror finish. Running around the middle of the band is a brushed silver titanium that contrasts nicely while having a beautiful luster. The inside of the band is comfort-fit, so sliding the ring off and on won’t be a problem, and it’s thin enough that it won’t add to the callous on his palm like his tungsten ring. It’s also easily half the weight of Hubby’s old tungsten carbide ring, all while being just as thick. The flat edges top and bottom are a little rougher than the rounded edges of his old ring, but the fit is still nice and Hubby frequently forgets he’s wearing it.


One small issue is that, for a lot of these types of rings, they only come in whole sizes, and Hubby is a half. He squeezes his finger into a ten, but really he needs a 10 & 1/2. So my only complaint is I wish they came in half sizes. Titanium wears well and is very scratch resistant, but should you get a scratch on it, there’s almost no way to buff it out like gold, silver or platinum. But Glytterati offers both their “lifetime guarantee” and their “Scratch Proof Guarantee” in which they state should your ring scratch easily, or gets damaged, or you just don’t like it, return it for a full refund. I would assume the return shipping cost is up to you. The Glytterati Titanium Band looks much nicer than the $14.99 price point belies, and I’m glad Hubby got to try one out.


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