Ohuhu’s Hardwood 12-Belt Hanging Organizer

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Ohuhu has a lot of products that spans many different categories, and I’ve been very fortunate to try out quite a few. And while I appreciate the high dollar, high value products they sometimes send, what I’ve found to be the most useful and clever are the ones that I might have overlooked or just passed right by, like this Ohuhu Hardwood belt hanger.


I don’t have a lot of belts, and I don’t own many scarves because it’s California, and even when it’s the dead of winter, we get 90 degree days. So on it’s surface you might find yourself wondering what possible use I could have for this belt hanger? It does do perfectly adequate for my few scarves as well as my and Hubby’s belt, even if his big, thick leather belt and big steel buckle made everything completely list to one side. Plus, this hanger tended to “grab” things that were hung in close proximity, and after a couple of days came out of the closet. Sitting there on the edge of the bed, looking all sad and unused. Well, when I saw it just lying there, it flashed through my head: Laundry hanger!!! See, I have quite a few unmentionables that need air drying. And lining all the door jambs in our house with hangers to hang my lingerie is just gauche. But this little guy? Boom, 12 bras or undies hung perfectly spaced out, with no sharp edges to snag things, and rust-resistant rounded polished hooks ready to hang under the nearest ceiling vent. What sometimes took me days had my stuff dry in hours. I’m in love! It’s also made of solid, strong hardwood, so it will last, and last, and last. The top hook will fit easily into any closet hanger, and even turns so that it can be hung just about anywhere!


Look, maybe this isn’t what the Ohuhu Hardwood Belt Hanger was intended for. Maybe my habit of re-purposing things had finally gone around the bend. I don’t care, because I have this dream of a laundry hanger that makes air drying my delicates a breeze, and I regret nothing. I love my Ohuhu Hardwood Belt Hanger, and I think you’d be surprised just how useful a thing it can be for you too!



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