Glytterati’s 8mm Men’s Black-Ion Plated Titanium Ring


When I got the last ring I reviewed here for hubby, I was pretty happy to report on the quality of Glytterati’s products and hubby liked the ring very much. So I tickled pink to report that their next offering, the Titanium 8mm with Black Ion plating ring, is also the goods.


Once you get past what seems to be the industry standard for titanium and tungsten of whole sizes only, you’re left with a product that fit’s mostly okay but looks like a million bucks. It’s highly polished, incredibly lightweight, and at 8mm should stand out from the crowd. Hubby usually wears a 9mm band on his big ‘ol sausage fingers, but the 8mm doesn’t get lost on him. In fact, the contrast of the high-polished bright titanium and the shiny black ion plating is incredibly striking and I caught more than one person trying to get a better look at Hubby’s new “bling”. Lest we forget this is Hubby we’re talking about, the black ion plating stood up to his, shall we call it “lack of delicate handling” with aplomb and didn’t scratch off like a lesser “painted” finish would. In fact, the titanium was pretty durable and stood up to all manner of abuse before showing any real signs of wear. But it still shines and looks classy, so this one is most definitely a keeper.


The ring is comfort fit, wears well, with no rough edges and being as it’s light, you almost forget that you’re wearing it. Add to that Glytterati’s 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee as well as their scratch-proof guarantee, and the promise of a 12 hour response time, and you have every reason to get this ring right now. There might be a glut of cheap titanium bands out there, but very few will match the quality and service commitment of Glytterati. You just can’t go wrong.


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