Ozeri Green Earth 10″ Ceramic-Coated Non-Stick Frying Pan


I cook every day. Sometimes twice a day. So I need tools that will keep up with me, and not give up the ghost in a few weeks time, but stick around for the long haul. It’s not easy finding products that meet these metrics, but so far, this Ozeri Green Earth ceramic-coated frying pan is up to the task.


Some people will try to convince you that there’s no place for a non-stick pan in a serious kitchen. Well, I take my kitchen very seriously and there’s always a place for a good non-stick pan. From quick scrambled eggs, to a bag of asian-style fried rice, to some frozen veggies stir-fry style, the times you want a quick, good, home cooked meal but don’t want the hassle of stainless steel or anodized aluminum and the cleanup involved. Ozeri has utilized an “ultra-safe ceramic coating inspired by nature which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free”. So it should be a “healthier” alternative to traditional non-stick pans and the fumes they can release. But it has the same drawbacks as traditional non-stick, in that searing (and really, all really high heat cooking) is just not possible, because it will break down the non-stick coating quickly. It does still brown very nicely without drying out the food, and glazes with a high sugar content didn’t burn at all. And preheating the pan is a no-no. Which, depending on your preferences is a plus or a minus. And no metal tools either. But, if you’re like me you have a drawer full of plastic and wood kitchen tools so that’s not a big problem. And the coating on the Ozeri Green Earth pan stands up to those plastic and wood tools just fine. The base of the pan is even magnetized for induction cooking ranges too! The Bakelite handle feels flimsy and has some give in it, and even though Ozeri boasts heat-resistance for it, though I can’t readily find what temperature it’s safe to, so I’d not use it in the oven out of an abundance of caution.

So far, after 2 weeks of nearly every day use this pan has held up to all the meals and concoctions I’ve thrown at it. Nothing has stuck, or even given a hint that it will. All it needed was a light coating of peanut oil before the first use, and a teaspoon of so of oil when cooking for browning or flavor. It cleans up quickly, with no residue or scrubbing at all. Did I mention the Ozeri Pan Protector included at no additional cost? Yeah, that’s just awesome. So stacking any future additions to my Ozeri Ceramic pans will be a breeze! And it’s competitively priced with competitors, all backed by Ozeri’s stellar customer service. I can see no reason to not add this Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Coated Non-stick Fry Pan to you kitchen.


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