Optimize Your LinkedIn Presence, an eBook Review

Chances are, you have a Facebook account. Chances are, you have a Twitter account. And you know how to use them both pretty effectively, and to their fullest potential. Chances are, you have a LinkedIn account too. And chances are, you’re not using it to it’s fullest potential. You’re not making the most of your professional networking potential. In a trying, difficult job market, you need to maximize every advantage and tool at your disposal. And LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool if you just know how to make the most of it.

On most social media, the obvious emphasis is on “social”. Interacting casually, being friendly, personable, and entertaining is enough. But that doesn’t necessarily carry over as well to LinkedIn, and this book helps you understand as much. On LinkedIn, you’re putting yourself out there, YOU are the commodity, YOU are what people are looking for. And you need to make the most of the opportunity, when it comes knocking. Sometimes, you have only a few precious seconds to grab the attention of a potential professional connection. This book will help you maximize those seconds.

Sometimes, one word will make the difference between getting noticed and blending in with the crowd. Do you know what one of those words are? This book will show you. Can you network ON a network of groups? This book will show you how. So if you’re going to make the most of LinkedIn, you’ll need the help that’s in this book. And therein lies it’s biggest drawback. While it’s a brave new world out there for job seekers, the narrow focus of this book means it’s going to target a very select audience, probably skewing slightly older, who feel intimidated by new digital media frontiers. So while it’s a decent easy read, I’m not sure if it’s going to be for everyone. I have a LinkedIn account and didn’t realize how I’d been misusing it until I read this book. But if you’re using LinkedIn, and you need LinkedIn, you need to make sure you get the most out of it, and this book will do that.

I received the above product(s) free of charge for the purpose of review. I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion. My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


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