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I’ve got a new friend, lately, a creature of the night, if you will. It’s a raccoon. He’s a sweet little thing that comes around every night looking for yummers. And I know feeding wildlife is a no-no, but sometimes you’ve got to break the rules.


See, Raccoon Brand knows this too and kitted me out with a cool Raccoon Brand t-shirt that I wear when I’m out with Sir Charles. Yes, my raccoon friend has been knighted. Deal with it. He also believes in breaking the rules sometimes, and you can tell this by his most distinguishing feature: He has no tail. None. Nada. No ringed caboose for this little critter. Someone chose to live by his own rules. We found him one night crawling up one of our palm trees, raiding the food Hubby would leave for his squirrels. And that’s when he melted my heart with his little tail-less butt. So rather than have him tearing up the hill and stealing from Hubby’s little squirrels, I put out a small plate with some food. We’ve had peace in the yard since.


Raccoon brand’s t-shirt is a screen-printed American Apparel black t-shirt with a quality multi-color screen print and the face of my adorable friend staring right back at me. It fit’s nicely, and looks cool, and no doubt when I wear it out I get to tell people about Sir Charles (or “…’ol chuck” as Hubby calls him. Twerp). And I drop a mention of Raccoon Brand and their entire nifty line. There’s all kinds of lifestyle clothing to be found on their website, from t-shirts, to tank tops, to sweatshiets, hats and beanies, and so much more, and since they were cool enough to send me this shirt, I thought I’d be cool enough to share their site and products with you. Why don’y you give their site a look-see and see if you want to be a creature of the night, like me and Sir Charles?


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