Love Buns


Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
~H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Wishing everyone a superb weekend! I have been baking all week and started with making Love Buns but as the dough started to rise, the scent that started to fill the kitchen was yummy but not super yummy. I ended up at the last minute mixing some cream cheese with flour and sugar, then added Lingonberry preserves. I noticed that if I had only sprinkled sugar as instructed, it would have been sweet but would not have been flavorful, however the dough has potential. I then decided to take it up a notch and will post the revisions I made to this recipe next week. I ended up making something that looks so cute but tastes delicious….so next week will be fun :). I also baked these Love Buns together so they can be shared with a loved ❤ one. The recipe is here:



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