Microfiber MultiPurpose Cleaning Cloth Review #MicrofiberTowels5pack


Everyone needs to clean things. Some of us clean more than others, and some of us are so nit-picky about our cleaning that it takes a lot longer than it (probably) should. I fall into that last category. Lint, streaks, smudges, schmutz…they drive me bonkers. I was offered a 5-pack of microfiber cleaning towels from Federico’s Care Care to try out and review. So you better believe I was ALL over that.

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Microfiber towels are a godsend. Back when I was younger, it was Windex and paper towels. I could go through a roll of paper towels just cleaning one room. And despite my somewhat (some have said **cough** hubby **cough**) unhealthy attention to detail, there was always lint. Streaks. Smudges. I ran myself ragged trying to eliminate them all. The whole time, all I needed was some microfiber. These towels from Federico’s Car Care are 100% lint free, machine washable, reusable cotton. Streaks are a thing of the past in my mirrors. My TV screen is sharp and clean. My high-gloss electronics now laugh at smudges and fingerprints. These 16″ x 12″ towels are also perfect for car detailing, furniture polishing, and keeping your touch-screen devices as sparkly as the day you opened them.


The only negative I can see is that at $9.99 for a five-pack, it’s a little steep. Amazon is chock-a-block full of micofiber cleaning cloth packs at much less. I did get these for free to review, but I would have to imagine that if asked to pay for them, I might have looked elsewhere due to the cost. They are quality towels, and they don’t bleed in the wash, come clean after, and keep things clean and lint free, so in the end you have to decide if they’re worth the extra cost. To that end Federico’s Car Care offers a 30-day, Money-back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so it’s a low risk proposition to give them a shot for yourself.


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