Ink Print Art: Contemporary Flower Print Set; Size 8×10, Unframed Art Set #InkPrintArt


Like most of us, I am really picky about what I put up on my walls. I have been living at our current home for over 20 years and we still have walls that I prefer leaving plain, versus regretting hanging something that will be regarded as settling later. I have done this where a picture is just wrong for a room and if it stays up for a week, it will be lucky and it usually then gets returned or designated for later use. Most times I make what we put up because I want a unique item for that wall that has been left blank for years.  There are also times I use ready made art and incorporate it to project design I have in mind.

When Ink Print Art offered to send me a duo set of prints, I was excited because the pictures were pretty and unique. The image is of flowers and has a contemporary style and one picture is of the whole flower, while the second picture is of the stigma/stamen of the bloom. Think of it as taking a picture of the entire piece and then a secondary one as a closer look.  The floral art has hues of purple and grey, almost like how a flower would appear in shaded lighting. I was thrilled when on I saw the images on-line and read the description.

Retail Price Point: $9.99 via Amazon and the product qualifies for free shipping if you have a Prime account.


The flower prints arrived and the stock of the paper is pretty much like the stock you find in most pictures you see when you purchase a frame. The image of the print is suppose to be soft hues, however it is not vivid or true in color. My images were also not printed well because the pixels were visible and it looked more like a printer was running low on ink when the artwork was printed. I love the image and could see how neat it would look if it were just printed with a higher quality printer that had enough ink to make you appreciate how the colors in the print graduate. My pictures looked washed out and even had what I could describe as looking sun bleached, even though they were not but this is how poor the image looked in person. There is no gloss or pop to the picture and I tried seeing it as maybe a satin finish, but it really has none of those finishing touches. There is also no information about the flower and to me it appears to be a Magnolia Wilsonii flower but who really knows and you should at least know what you are hanging on your walls even for just curiosity purposes. I can see if the picture came with a frame, but the price point is just for two pictures that would have been amazing if the print and quality of both the ink and paper did not leave you desiring for more.


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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Ink Print Art.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


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