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To stay honest and fair, I rarely share on my blog items I paid for unless it’s like a super duper deal. These events are a rare occurrence and has to pair up with it being a deal. Pocket books should stay full and this subscription box will not cause a ding either.

Walmart has a beauty box service. I know, it’s news to me and it’s just 5 bucks. I have spent more in the clearance bins at stores and then I don’t even know why I brought half the stuff home to begin with. I seem to plan these great projects in the store and once I pay for my clearance bin deal, I get amnesia (aka- a case of the lazies). Let’s just say my crafting gets me in trouble but the best part, this is all beauty related and the stuff that comes with known names versus that questionable $1 bubble shower gel that smells good but makes my skin itchy! 🙂



Just $5 every 3 months and this is what the Fall box came with:

  • (1) Olay Regenerist MicroSculpting Cream Moisturizer on 0.5 ounces
  • (1) Loreal Revitalift Triple Power in 0.5 ounces
  • (1) CoverGirl Continous Color lipstick in 425 Vintage Wine
  • (1) Secret Clinical Strength in 1.6 ounces
  • (1) Juicy Couture Perfume Sample in spray form .05 ounces
  • (1) Clear sample packet of Shampoo and Conditioner



Yeah, all the above and just $5! No shipping and handling fees, just 5 bucks 😀 Sign-up and give it a try and hopefully the Fall box is still available and even the box itself is nice and thick, perfect for reusing and storing future sample and goodies that hopefully comes before we say goodbye to 2014.


L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Miracle Blur


The first thing that captured my attention when I received this from Vogue, was the words under “Blur”, instant skin smoother finishing cream.  I use the Make Up Forever Finishing powder but have not heard of a finishing cream.  I was a unsure how to fit this into my daily regimen and who was getting bumped off because my finishing powder is the last thing I apply after my make-up.  Thankfully, it was clearly illustrated on the package under the “Recommended Regimen”:

  • Step 1: Foaming Cleanser
  • Step 2: Day Cream
  • Step 3: Eye Cream
  • Step 4: Miracle Blur

That was easy!  I bumped off my primer and sunscreen because the Miracle Blur has a Broad Spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen in it.  I think just typing that made my pores breathe better!  The directions are easy and clear too, you apply this as the last step of your Skincare Regimen.  I also apply an Olay all day moisturizer so I bumped that off because this has that “opti-blur technology” and that is pretty much what my Olay did.  Now, I am up to 3 products off my list…..awesome!

Miracle Blur lists active ingredients as follows:
Avobenzone at 3%, Homosalate at 10%, Octisalate at 5%, Octocrylene at 5%, and Oxybenzone at 6%.  What are they?  The “Purpose” listed is sunscreen so this is definitely a broad spectrum sunscreen as advertised!

Application is simple and the product comes in a modest 1.18 fluid ounces and you just apply a dime size all over your face.  That is many dimes in that tube for the current retail price of $19.99.

I must emphasize that a dime size does the trick.  I went up to a dime and a half and wasted a nickel!  This gave me a greasy like feeling that I was not able to shake off all day and I even reapplied my Finishing Powder but it felt the same.  I was about to scratch future use until I lectured myself on how I read the directions but did not follow them.  Day Two, I behave and thank goodness I grounded myself on Day One!

The product works better than my Smashbox branded primer and costs less, so round #1 goes to Miracle Blur.  I wore the product throughout the day and under my make-up, and I remained with a matte finish that was not over dry or greasy due to the SPF.  Round #2 goes to Miracle Blur because I must admit there are days that I just don’t want Sunscreen because it will feel like a film over my pores.  I trick myself by lightly applying but then I run around ditching the sun all day like I’m a vampire.  This was with a SPF15 so that I can get double that with Miracle Bur at SPF30, I think there was a knockout in round #2.  My fine lines and pores remained minimized throughout the day and it lasted until I washed my face that evening.  I loved that!

In case you missed it, Miracle Blur won in Round #3!  Fight OVER!

You do not get a lift or tightening as this product does not contain and/or claim any anti-again properties, so you still will need to keep those products in your arsenal.  No antioxidants but I like how it replaces three of my everyday products.  It’s not a BB cream but almost a morphed product that can easily stand on it’s own, without a label as such.

Other things to Note:
Love that it comes without a tint or color!  I can keep my foundation and not have to fight any hue.  I was left (before makeup) with a nice smooth finish that was matte, so again I am not trying to fight a shine with powders.  I did not melt and no blemishes were caused by Miracle Blur.  I would call this Camouflage with Protection due to the SPF.  I will be purchasing the Miracle Blur mainly because it has no tint and a better results (and value) than the three products Miracle Blur bumped off!

I received this product free of charge from Vogue.  I have no obligation to provide a positive or negative review, just my honest opinion.  My opinion is based on my experiences with the product and may differ from yours.

L’Oreal Paris Magic B.B. Cream Campign via SheSpeaks

L’Oreal Paris presents Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream

Being a member of SheSpeaks (, I was fortunate to qualify and try the new B.B. Cream by L’Oreal. With so many B.B. creams hitting the market and the swings in price points, I was eager to find out how this formula performs.


This B.B. Cream makes 4 simple claims:

  • Primes
  • Perfects
  • Hydrates
  • Corrects


I love the color I received in Fair #810. It does blend perfectly so I am already ahead of what seems to be a problem with my ivory (nice way to say pale) skin tone. I use a primer by Smashbox but it does get mundane always squeezing a dab of this and that, to just apply my make-up. I wash my hands in between so many times that I am making Soft Soap rich! The primer portion does deliver because I did have a nice smooth skin texture as stated on the bottle. This lasted well throughout the day and doing normal activities like running errands. My pores never looked large after hours of wear, so that was a nice result.

Perfects…..okay, let’s see what they mean. It states to hide imperfections so I translate that to camouflage any scars or acne marks a person may have. I get the occasional blemish and I dislike carrying the sign of it for a couple of weeks, until I literally exfoliate it off. I do use a concealer but again sometimes I forget to use it, and recall right after I applied my finishing powder. I did like how it covered and it still retained a sheer finish. So far so good!

The next claim is hydration and I worry when I see this because having combination skin, it also means that certain areas are sometimes oilier than other times. My face fluctuates, sometimes my forehead behaves and pretends to act normal and other days it likes to play pretends and dress up as a glowing beacon. I then sometimes scale back too much on moisture and I look powdery and dry, especially around my cheeks. I like giving the control up or pretending of, to an all-in-one product, if it delivers. I will say that after using it for two whole weeks, I could not blame a pimple or blemish on this B.B. cream. This beauty balm did keep my cheeks looking healthy and did not cause me to create an oil spill on my forehead.

Last but not least, we have correction. They state the B.B. cream corrects skin for a healthy looking and even complexion. I have not noticed a change that I can contribute to the balm yet and I blame this on my 2 week trial so far. I will say that the way it might be correcting is by not creating problems in the first place, like oiliness to blemishes. I experienced less than I have with my everyday foundation and it may be because of the sheer qualities this balm has. Yes, coverage is excellent but I felt my skin breath better because of it’s light texture.  I also liked that the balm contains antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Would I buy it:
Yes, I would because of how well it performed and it’s super affordable, costing under $10.00 for 1.0 Fluid ounces. My only concerns came when the weather warmed up a bit but I am a person that needs a foundation for Fall and Winter and a different formulation for Spring and Summer. I felt my problem areas like my forehead and chin gave a little more shine than I liked but the next day when I added the finishing powder back to my regimen, this corrected the issue and it did not resurface later in the day. Could this be an all-in-one weather foundation for me? Only time will tell and I can say that my tube shall last until late Spring… we shall see!

Other things of Note:
This is a squeeze tube and it performs great. No waste and easy clean up. The beauty balm also came off easily when I washed my face and I did not feel that tight feeling I sometimes get with my foundations. That I really liked! I did notice you get a “face stamp” (residue) on your phone if you do not use a finishing powder but it was very light, also not present when I incorporated the powder on those warmer days.  You can gather more information by connecting via Twitter @LOrealParisUSA, @SheSpeaksUp, also by using hashtag #MagicBBCream.


I received the aforementioned product free of charge and because I am a member of SheSpeaks.  I have no obligation to give the product a positive or negative review, just my honest opinion.  My opinion is formed by my experience and may differ from yours.

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