Ohuhu’s Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk, with USB-Powered Cooling

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One of the biggest misnomers of our generation is the term “laptop”. Meant originally to convey the differences between the larger, non-portable “desktop” computer, the “laptop” quick morphed into something you really couldn’t and shouldn’t put on your lap. From the heat, to the vents, to the touchpad, using a laptop on one’s lap became almost an impossiblity. Enter Ohuhu’s Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk. All the problems of using your computer on your lap just got whisked away.


Not only is it made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, but the “legs” articulate to accommodate almost any position imaginable, lock securely into place, and they even included a mouse pad that attaches on the side to eliminate the hassle and inaccuracies inherent to a touchpad! And the best part, the part that will probably give your laptop a few extra years? It’s vented and actively cooled buy twin USB-powered fans! I’m….in…..heaven! No more cooked thighs, no more Hubby asking “Are your vents blocked?”, and no more strain on my processor from excess heat! And you can easily switch the fan off and on from the toggle switch beneath the desk. I’ve been able to move my “workstation” from the counter and a lightly padded barstool chair to almost anywhere in the house. My laptop is secured and safe, and I have no worries about balance, or my laptop falling. In fact, in the few weeks I’ve had this Ohuhu Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk, I can’t imagine going back to my life before I had it!

A few nits to pick here. One is the price. You can get identical products at much less than the $34.99 price point, and while after using it I’d gladly pay that, they can be found for $10 or more less. The next is the plastic “joints” in the aluminum armatures. I try not to reposition the “arms” too much for fear of these failing. I would like to see them beefed up a bit, perhaps to a heavier gauge ABS plastic. But these are minor concerns that should in no way take away from this spectacular product. Anyone who spends a significant amount of time on their “laptop” (there’s that word again!) should really do themselves and their computer a favor a pick one of these up, like, today.

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