SantaMedical 2″ x 2″ Tan Carbon Electrode Pads


I think we’ve all been there. Aches, pains, strains and ouchies that bother us, limit us, and tire us out. Some of us have turned to muscle and nerve stimulators to help, with vary degrees of success. What stinks is, becuase more often than not, our medical insurance won’t approve or pay for these, we do out of pocket. Which means we’re on the hook new pads when the old ones don’t stick anymore. So when SantaMedical (A Gurin company) offered a batch of their Carbon Electrode Pads to test out, I was thrilled.


These pads are for the more common “push in” electrode leads, not the “snap on” version. Which means it works with a great range of devices. Like their TENS units, or Hubby’s more expensive and fancy H-Wave unit. At $20.95 for 40 pads, they are on par with any available on Amazon for value, and it’s nice to not have to deal with the rigmarole inherent to anything attached to out insurance.  Plus, being Prime eligible means if you for get to order new pads (as I have done frequently), they can be to your door in a couple of days or less.


These pads worked as well (or better) then the ones that came with our respective machines, stuck on well, peeled off easy, and we were able to re-use one multiple times, and there was no skin irritation after. Combine that with the relatively affordable nature of the pads, and the SantaMedical Satisfaction Guarantee and you’ve got a winner.

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I received the above product(s) free of charge from SantaMedical and Gurin.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


SantaMedical by Gurin PM-120 TENS Unit Review


We’ve all got aches and pain. From minor irritations to major “I need to lay down” boo-boos, everybody hurts. How long we hurt or how much it limits us swings wildly from person to person, and can vary based on tolerances and available treatment. For most of us, a quick aspirin or Aleve and we’re right as rain in a few hours. For some of us, we need to occasionally drag out the big guns, and if you’re like me, it’s a weapon of last resort. Now there’s something that falls in between and is affordable, portable, and gives amazing relief, sometimes in as little as 10 minutes. Please let me introduce you to Gurin’s SantaMedical PM-120 TENS unit.


I know, you’ve probably heard of these TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units before. A few of you might have had one used on you in a therapist’s office, or at the gym. Now you can have one at home, for very little cost, and get nearly the same level of relief you got from the big, expensive professional versions. Hubby has used an H-Wave machine for over a decade now. It works on very similar principals, but different electrical wavelengths. He’d always offer me his H-Wave when I was sore or feeling busted up, and I usually decline not wanting to put miles on his very expensive, very complex stimulator. Now I suspect he’ll be wanting to borrow my SantaMedical PM-120 TENS unit.


This device comes with 6 different stimulation modes, adjustable intensity, a set of 4 snap-on electrode pads, leads, and a charger and cord. My one major gripe is the sealed battery compartment. I would have liked to be able to replace the batteries when the unit does eventually die, rather that buy a whole new unit. I’m also not a fan of the snap-on leads for the electrodes over the usual “push in” type, if only because the snap on ones are not as readily available. But the pluses on this unit more than make up for my minor quibbles. For starters, it’s about 1/10th the cost of Hubby’s H-Wave. Big win there. Next, it’s about 1/10 the weight too. Hubby’s old unit has it’s own suitcase-sized box, and it’s no fun to lug around if you happen to need it while out and about. The SantaMedical TENS unit is small, lightweight, compact, easy to carry and fairly easy to use. The myriad of controls on the front could stand to be a touch larger, and I’m not sure if the depictions of the modes on the large monochrome LCD screen quite match up to the stimulation it provides, but hey…it works and that’s all that matters.  At $34.95, it’s right in the middle of the road as far as prices go for the low-cost, portable TENS unit marketplace on Amazon, and since it’s made by Gurin, it’s quality and you know they stand behind their products.


In the end, I liked this product very much, and I appreciate the relief it provides, I also like that it doesn’t tax my liver like most pain pills, and that I’m not anchored to chair like I am with other, larger nerve and muscle stimulators. Give it a try. Your aching body will be glad you did.


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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Gurin Products.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


Majestic Pure Oils: Fractionated Coconut Oil #Review #MajesticPure

IMAG2273 In the world of essential oils and the like, many companies like to make things fuzzy by using terms as, Pharmaceutical Grade and/or Therapeutic Grade. Who grades or certifies these oils? No one! You have to trust the supplier, unless you get into food grades where the FDA grades and then you hear terms as Virgin, Extra Virgin and the like. When it comes to real certifications, where you pay an agency for them to come in, inspect and grade your materials, you then see such certifications like the “Non-GMO” and Organic labels. It comes down to sources and knowing them, so I am a bit critical when it comes to oils and I always think about what will I be using them for and the price point attached.

Majestic Pure Oils, is a company that carries an array of products and especially oils. They have “Carrier” oils, which get used in addition to essential oils. Think of a candle and the wax is the carrier, where the fragrance would be the essential oil. I was sent a bottle of their, Fractionated Coconut Oil to try. IMAG2274 What exactly is Fractionated Coconut Oil- You know how we have Extra Virgin, Virgin and then just everyday olive oil…..this is the latter. This is the oil that has been broken down and stripped down of certain ingredients. Stripping down is a way to simplify what is needed and in this case simple has it’s uses. You are left with an oil that does not go rancid or oxidize because the fatty acids have been removed. The oil has zero odor and this is why it mixes so well with essential oils that do. The oil is colorless and this means no stains and also lighter in form, so you do not produce those oil marks you would usually suffer from if it came in contact with fabrics. It’s light texture usually means your skin will not be aggravated, suffer clogged pores and is easily absorbed.

I used Majestic Pure’s Fractionated Coconut oil, for a period of 2 weeks to see how well it performed. The bottle came sealed and nicely packaged, with an additional “pop-open” cap if needed. I first used the product as a carrier oil for an essential oil blend I purchased to give fragrance to the home. A simple bowl suspended by iron, with a tea candle below will slowly heat the oils to create fragrance. The Fractionated Coconut oil was slow to dissipate and this is why I enjoy this kind of oil.  The oil comes with a manufacture date label and states it has a 5-year shelf life.  This type of oil will not solidify like virgin quality oils and will remain in clear liquid form. Retail Price Point: $14.95 for 16 Fluid Ounce Bottle with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee I used the oil in a purely topical application and like I mentioned, I am picky about what I ingest. Majestic’s Pure Oil is 100% Natural and not like other companies that do not have a “web presence” . They have many ways to contact them, are located in my home state and let’s not forget they have very favorable feedback. I like that and want that from a company and especially when it comes to the world of oils. The oil left my skin nice and soft with no residue and even though I may be wearing a tank top and it’s Winter in California, no one wants oil spots on them no matter the season! Connect with Majestic Oils and their selection of oils and soon to be Beauty Products at:

I received the above product(s) free of charge from Majestic Pure.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

Waxelene: All Natural Petroleum Jelly Alternative #Review


I have walked by it so many times, passed the Waxelene on the shelf at Bed, Bath & Beyond….that I think the little buzzing bee on their packaging teases me at this point. Thankfully, Waxelene took pity on me, that or the bee reported me for stalking, but nonetheless……I have my own Waxelene tube now.

What is it?
Waxelene is a blend of Organic Soy oil, Beeswax, Natural Vitamin E oil and Organic Rosemary oil. Pretty simple but sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Let’s talk about the day I receive the tube via mail:

I somehow burned my arm taking a bundt pan out of the oven. I would love to say it was when I was pulling the pan out and the mitt was too short but this was plainly me not paying attention. I was using a toothpick to check for doneness and rested my arm against the pan’s edge. I did not feel it until it was too late, and it left a nice slash shaped mark on my arm. I tried ignoring it, but the burn turned into an itch that hurt when scratched. The following day my scar looked like a cat got the best of me! Being that it was where my skin’s arm is the brightest white in color….I was not only upset by my lack of attention so that I was now sporting this boo-boo, but the scar just stood out. For some reason this burn dehydrated my skin in that area so the scar and surrounding tissue had a nice leather skin pattern…..I went from looking like a cat beat me up to then turning 1% lizard. I finally heard the bee from Waxelene buzzing from the box!

I try it and feel relief and realize I’m at day 5 now from my bundt attack. The itch is no longer there and I look less crusty when the Waxelene is applied. You still see the darkness but I left my lizard-like ways in the past. I shower and notice that my lizard-ness is really openings that are cracks, and bleeding a little. Bundt 1, and Me 0! I continue applying the Waxelene and notice a little goes a long way. No residue or odor left behind and it looks matte when rubbed in. By day 9 I am 0% lizard but have a scar that is lifting. I peel like a snake and underneath is a pinkish colored scar but light in color. I apply for 1 week and a half in total and by the last day, I have a very faint mark that just looks like I leaned against something…..very faint in color and barely visible.


I would love to say this was my first time having an oven “oopsie” but let’s say sometimes things attack….like that jumping salmon fillet when my cookie pan (which I no longer own) decided to jump and twist without even being touched. I thought I was a fish catcher and learned that fish fillet pieces are better left where they land than trying to catch to save who knows what. Wish I had Waxelene then. The tube came with a card that lists dozens of uses like-


  • Dry Skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Anti-Chafe
  • Make-Up
  • Diapers (for rashes or as a diaper cream)
  • After-Shave
  • After-Sun
  • Eczema
  • Dry Spots
  • Lengthens Perfume life
  • Hair dye (barrier)
  • Nail polish (barrier) and also un-stick nail polish bottles
  • Tattoos (barrier)
  • Pets (from paws to hot spots)
  • Stops Rust
  • Control wild eyebrows
  • and let’s not forget the new one, “Bundt Pan Attacks”.

Waxelene is also Cruelty-free, made in the U.S.A., free of Hydrogenated oils, free of Sulfates, free of Mineral oils and parabens. An all-natural product that is simple and works. Not greasy and colorless, so you are not left with a shiny residue that you spread around. The Waxelene bee is kind and I recommend you pick up a tube today! You never know when pans jump and attack 🙂


Stalk…..I mean visit the Waxelene Bee at:

You can also find Waxelene at many retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond, CVS, Whole Foods to Sprout’s Markets and many more.

I received the above product free of charge from Waxelene.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

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