BzzAgent Campaign: Nescafé Memento in Caramel, Mocha and Cappuccino


There’s few things better than a hot, flavored coffee on those brisk spring nights. And nothing spoils one like grinding, brewing and mixing your own. Why, oh why doesn’t someone finally make an instant coffee that gives you all the pluses with none of the minuses?

Along comes Nescafé and their Memento line of “Flavored Coffee Beverages”. Uh-oh. That they can’t just call it coffee is a huge, flapping red flag. But, sometimes these types of liquid desserts are “good enough”, so I’ll forge bravely ahead. First up:

Nescafé Memento Caramel Latte


Okay, I can see what they were going for here, but I have to say they missed the mark by quite a bit. Very sweet, not a whole lot of “coffee” flavor comes through, and none of that buttery yum you’d expect from true caramel, and a quick look at the ingredient list shows why. Sugar, nonfat milk, hydrogenated veg. oil, glucose syrup, THEN you finally get soluble coffee, and then more sugars and artificial ingredients. I’m sad to report, this a hot cup of yuck. So, I’ll just pour this hot mess down the drain and start over anew with:

Nescafé Memento Mocha


Okay, smells good. Looks good. A little on the bitter side, which makes me flash to that bottom-of-the-pot diner coffee that’s been on the heater plate all night, and Flo the waitress decided she’s got your fancy-schmancy Starbucks “right here!” and mixed in some Nestlé Quik and then went full froo-froo and put some milk foam on top. Yes, I heated and foamed some milk for this. Sue me. I’m trying to like this, because coffee+chocolate=YUM. But there’s just enough off and missing to bork this cup too. At least milk and cocoa were listed within the first 3 ingredients, so it’s got that doing for it, but the usual cast of characters that you’d need a degree in chemical engineering to understand. So, half a cup down. That means they’re getting better, right?

Nescafé Memento’s Cappuccino


Oh goodness, Do I love cappuccino. And after the last two characters masquerading as coffee got the bums rush, I need a good, stiff drink. No, I’m not going to Irish this one up, but I will cleanse my palette a little. So, the smell is good. Check. The look is right. Double check. The taste. Kinda creamy, kinda rich, good flavor and sweetness without fear of your teeth “ceding from the Union” so to speak. Okay, this is no Grand Slam. Not even a home run. Maybe a triple, probably closer to a ground rule double. I see what Nescafe had in mind, what they were trying to accomplish, and this flavor really got the closest. Which is admirable. I’ll pay it one more compliment: I’d try it again.

I am happy with the last of the trio and hope they improve the Caramel formula in the future, but these coffees are easy to make with just leaving you with a cup and a spoon to clean up later.  I would make the Cappuccino for those days I am in a hurry and they unfortunately come by more often than I would desire.  The coffee mixes are not high in cost and you add the coupons I have been sharing, it is actually a pretty good deal price point wise.  Those Caramel candies in the picture still tease me!


I received the above products free of charge from BzzAgent and Nescafe.  I am not obligated in providing a favorable/positive review, just my honest opinion.  My opinions are based on my experience with the products that may differ from yours.

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