ROMWE Limited Dress: Nude Colored Slip with a Black colored Lace Pattern overlay (Women’s V neck & Short Cap sleeve) #Review #Romwe


I am always looking for affordable fashion options and especially with designs that are hot now and won’t be so hot later. Most times I make purchases with the idea I want the items to last, so I opt for classical styles and I must admit, my wardrobe starts to look kind of boring. Everything starts looking alike and the difference may be same cuts but in different colors or patterns.

In comes Romwe, and they distribute both via their website and on Amazon. Buying clothes on-line can be iffy at times. You just don’t know how sizing runs and certain production lines may run true to fit, while then you get a huge swing where items start then running large. Being that I was new to Romwe, I decided to play it safe and ordered one size up. Romwe differs where they list how their sizes run for each item, but I did notice where I may be a small in one version/style, I could easily jump to a medium in another style. Like with every female we run into issues where some shirts you just don’t want to pop out of!

Size Chart (as listed on Amazon):

  • XS: Shoulder:14.0 inch, Bust:33.3, Waist Size:26.0 inch, Length:32.8 inch, Sleeve Length:2.6 inch
  • S: Shoulder:14.4 inch, Bust:34.8 inch, Waist Size:27.6 inch, Length:33.1 inch, Sleeve Length:3.0 inch
  • M: Shoulder:14.8 inch, Bust:36.4 inch, Waist Size:29.1 inch, Length:33.5 inch, Sleeve Length:3.3 inch
  • L: Shoulder:15.2 inch, Bust:38.0 inch, Waist Size:30.7 inch, Length:33.9 inch, Sleeve Length:3.7 inch



Retail Price Point: On Amazon, the dress retails for $22.32 and ships free if you are a Prime member.  This means returns/exchanges are also free for Prime members!

I selected two items to review and I will first start with the dress I ordered. Being that I have Prime on Amazon, I did not experience a delay in delivery. All items were in stock and shipped rather quickly. The dress arrives and the pattern matches the one that is pictured, with a nude colored slip and a black colored lace pattern, which overlays nicely over the slip. I am a size 33 to 34 in the chest/breast area but a C cup, so I ordered a Medium size in this version. Waist is stated as a 29 (I’m a 27-28) and I found it rather larger than stated, closer to a 31. The stomach area (hips) is large again, like it bunches a bit due to the sewing detail Romwe added. When you look at the dress on-line, you see those pleats on the bottom of the dress? Well, the seamstress that did the dress sort of bunched the material a bit so above the pleats, I have two small bunches of fabric that causes that extra room. Not a big deal because it creates comfort but I would have liked a more fitting (tighter/neater) when it comes to the sewing. I think too much fabric was left to create the pleats but thing created extra tummy room too.  The dress flairs out towards the bottom if you move (just like with the model pictured) and because I’m a short girl, my dress is not as short as it is on the model but again, it adds to the comfort level. So, my little black dress is not as little as I wanted it to be but then again, I was playing it safe and ordered a size up. The fabric has no odd chemical order and smells almost freshly laundered, so I appreciated that. The fabric is not scratchy and I found zero snags. Now, you recall how I mentioned bunching of fabric? Well, the same bunching happened to my zipper, which is located on the side of the dress to give the article a nicer flow in pattern when worn. My zipper has a hiccup 3/4 up and thankfully because the dress is roomy, I can easily insert my index finger while my Husband takes the zipper the other 1/4 up. My finger serves as a smooth bridge, so the zipper can travel over, negating the bunching of fabric.  The bunch thankfully can not be seen when worn (even if I lift my arms) because the lace on top helps mask the beige fabric underneath, so the knot of material is undetectable. I look at everything above and weigh in on the price point. It’s fair for a dress of this quality and most importantly, this style. I have not washed mine yet and will be doing so on extra gentle and with Woolite for dark. I can see as long as I treat the dress nicely, the dress should last me the amount of wears I desire to have out of it. If when the zipper no longer can make the jump over the fabric that gathered, by then an almost $25 investment would have yielded a bargain on a really pretty style of dress. It’s comfortable, has a sexy flair and it’s great for a little date night! It looks like it cost more than what it is priced at so this is a win-win in my book. Perfect!



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Candle Warmers Ect.: Candle Aire Fan Fragrance Warmer in Fleur de Lis style #Review #CandleWarmers


When you cook and bake, it tends to make the house smell like whatever you are making. This may be a good thing or a bad one. Cooking onion and burgers, plus baking fries is a welcoming aroma before you eat and two hours after you ate…..not so welcoming. I most times have to bake before I cook dinner to allow desserts to cool down like pies, cakes, and the sort. So, that sweet smell that I wish would linger longer, gets killed by whatever meal I am making for dinner. One thing I dislike and almost more than dust, is smelling the next morning what I made for dinner the night before. It drives me up a wall, so I am always fighting smells in the home.


I buy candles, pods, blocks, oils, you name it. I purchase my scents after a holiday to use the next holiday in order to save some money. There are some scents I like all year around, even though companies label them seasonal and only for Spring or Fall. Clean linens are a scent that I enjoy all year around. Most recently I purchased a few of those boxes that contain those blocks of wax, which you melt to release a scent. I cleared out the scents I liked most because I have purchased the brand before, love the fragrance this scent provides, had a bundle of coupons……to just get home and realize the fragrance was diminished in strength this time around. Yes, I saved money but not enough to justify a reformulation that really equates getting less for more. Even the amount of wax squares was cut back and now I get 2 less than when the “new style” was introduced. That is another thing that gets to me, the constant revamping. I have devices/plug-ins and sprayers that refills are no longer made for. They hit the market and poof, they leave. I get tired of buying “starter kit” after kit. I like fresh starts but not when it means plunking down more money for a new device that is just a modification to make the last one obsolete. I just don’t want to play anymore. The one thing that has lasted me is my wax melting pot. No matter the brand, that little pot will melt any fragrance rich wax block and deliver results, with just requiring one tea candle.


Retail Price Point: Warmers are $39.00 via Amazon and the candles are $15.99 via Amazon.  Shipping is free for Prime members!


Fleur de Lis Warmer

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When Candle Warmers Ect., offered to send me one of their warmers and candles, well you came to the right house. I don’t just look for pretty, I am after results. Now, I must admit that it was hard choosing between the wax warmers they carry. They are all so pretty and my heart was desiring two of them, but I went with the Fleur de Lis style. It’s a caramel colored glaze and the vessel is really pretty both in color and design. It just looks like a small jar and goes with any decor, plus the earthy tones in the glaze make it welcoming to any colors you may have in your home. Simple but gorgeous! Okay, visually the warmer got me!

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The warmer gets delivered and this is not a dinky device. The size is substantial and the details are more than I expected. It’s beautiful! I turn of the device and the fan is low in noise level but strong. The warmer starts delivering scent within 15 minutes that is significant in aroma. The family room is next to the kitchen and has a cathedral style ceiling. This means what you cook and bake tends to linger above you without escaping. If the air conditioner clicks on, this means the smells collected in the highest part of the ceiling now get to swim around and promptly shared with the rest of the house! Yay…..not! If it was that you can’t leave a candle unattended, I sometimes wish I could burn one at the other end of the house. No worries with the warmers from Candle Warmers Ect., the unit requires zero wicks or live flames. It’s a warming plate with a fan, the flickering light up is for effect and it does look pretty and especially when the warmer is next to a wall. The wall captures the flickering shadows quite lovely. I fried fish on a Sunday. One hour later and it smells like I just fried the fish. Five hours pass and we decide this, “I just cooked fish” smell needs to go. It’s midnight and the house, plus the bedrooms included….stink! I’m about to shower and I’m afraid my open pores are going to capture the fried cod smell and I am going to smell like fish in the morning. We put everything together at midnight, no time like the present. We plug it in and drop in the round that Candle Warmers Ect., provided. I go shower. The scent on the tin stated Sugared Citrus and 20 minutes later after I come out, I can only smell fish at the back of the house. The front area, including the family room smells like no fishy crime was committed. You smell a clean and crisp orange scent. Like a fresh orange, not some orange chemical cleaner. The fragrance is refreshing and nice, plus different from anything I have purchased at the store. I think $16 for a tin…..that is kind of high. Forty minutes later I smell zero fish. I even take the dog out to go potty in case my nose is acclimated to the house’s smell, but when I step back in, no fish. Fish gone. That $15 price tag is seeming not so high now. I use this candle day after day, after I finish cooking. Stays on about 2 to 3 hours and I still have wax left, plus I am nearing a month’s time from owning it. I probably have 2 weeks worth if I continue using it and do not get me started when my Husband left it on after we went to bed. I woke up to a citrus field and that still was okay because no worries, that is not a real candle’s flame burning! That is a major plus in my book and because the fragrance is still strong, pleasant and kills bad odors, this $15 tin is a fair price point. You got to try it and especially if you cook daily like I do.


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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Candle Warmers Ect.. I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion. My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

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