Zitriom LLC’s Six-Pack of Packing Tape and Dispenser

We often have and use things regularly without thinking about them much, or if there’s another brand out there besides what we’ve always used. Packaging tape is one of those things. We always bought 3m’s Scotch tape, despite being continuously frustrated by it’s performance. And I can tell you that yes, sometimes, the grass really is greener on the other side, and we’ll be buying Zitriom LLC’s packing tape from here on out!


To start, Zitriom’s tape thicker than the Scotch brand tape, considerably so. And while that doesn’t sound like much, not only does it make it stronger, but it also means it’s not going to just flop over and stick to itself, or to something unintended as so often the case with the Scotch brand tape. It also stayed stuck. Which sounds like a “Well, duh!” statement, but until you’ve tried to secure boxes with tape that won’t stay stuck on, don’t “Duh!” me! The tape we’ve been using was always a crapshoot as to whether it’d stay stuck on things, and that will make you want to rip your hair out after a few failures. Zitriom’s tape stayed put, period. The one thing that I didn’t care for was the dispenser. Having used a “Tape Gun” now for a couple of decades, I found the dispenser flimsy, awkward and for me, dangerous. Maybe it was me, maybe I’m out of practice, but I tossed it almost immediately and stuck the Zitriom tape in my gun and never looked back. So look at the dispenser as a “Value Added” thing and not a make-or-break item in the set.



You get 6 rolls of premium packaging tape (each roll is 1.90″ x 55 yards) for $10.98, which is almost 20% less than the closest version of the Scotch brand tape. It’s not heavy duty, but it’s plenty thick and I found it to be better than the 3M tape I was using, so I was happy with Zitriom’s version of this and will buy it again when I need tape.


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Smiley360: Gorilla Glue Shipping and Storage (Packaging) Tape #Review #GorillaTape


I recall when Gorilla Glue first came out on the market, it changed how I made one thing stick to another! Nothing was like it and trust me when you tried to un-do what you stuck together, nothing bonded as stronger.


When Gorilla tape came out with a series of tapes to fit your needs, I was game! If the glue impressed me and I continued to purchase adhesives from their brand, there was no reason for me not to try their tapes. Then came the claim of needing just 1 strip. Okay, I can stuff a box like no one can……does that mean one strip of tape can hold well enough for an hour, a day, or if I touch the box does it pop open? I had questions, so when I was offered the mission to try out the tape, I was thrilled.



Retail Price Point: About $9 to $13 depending on where you purchase and I found the rolls on Amazon, Home Depot to Lowe’s, where Lowe’s had a nice $8.97 price tag.


Testing a tape is easy, it either works or it does not. There is no middle ground and that made my reviewing so much easier. I have been shipping products out and also cleaning out rooms. I’m simplifying my life I say, but I’m really cleaning out drawers that are filled with stuff I do not need. You know those drawers that you treat like the bottom shelf at the grocery store. You know where you rarely ever grab anything from and I have drawers that I can’t recall the last time I opened them and much less what exactly is in them. I had 3 boxes and two were super stuffed but the lips of the edges still touched and in my book, that means the box can close. Yes, I had to use force to make one close but that is besides the point. I start the tape and this stuff is thicker and it’s sticky part has serious power. Like I think it exfoliated my finger tips because I left some really good impressions of my finger prints where the tape started. I do the “just one strip” test and the box holds. I hear no cracklings of the box slowly opening and I then walk away. Hey, I’m not staying around for when this box spills it’s guts! I forget about it and two days later when I’m moving the boxes into the garage, one box opened and of course it was the lighter of the three. The one with 2 strips of normal packaging tape going one way and two more going the other on each outside edge, is also holding. Mr. Gorilla tape is holding with one strip that just seals the edges that met. No sign of weakness and I can move the box normally and not like it’s made out of porcelain, so it won’t pop. I say the Gorilla came through and did not lie!

Find your the Gorilla Power that fits your needs at:


I received the above product(s) free of charge from Gorilla Glue Tape and Smiley360.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


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