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To stay honest and fair, I rarely share on my blog items I paid for unless it’s like a super duper deal. These events are a rare occurrence and has to pair up with it being a deal. Pocket books should stay full and this subscription box will not cause a ding either.

Walmart has a beauty box service. I know, it’s news to me and it’s just 5 bucks. I have spent more in the clearance bins at stores and then I don’t even know why I brought half the stuff home to begin with. I seem to plan these great projects in the store and once I pay for my clearance bin deal, I get amnesia (aka- a case of the lazies). Let’s just say my crafting gets me in trouble but the best part, this is all beauty related and the stuff that comes with known names versus that questionable $1 bubble shower gel that smells good but makes my skin itchy! ūüôā



Just $5 every 3 months and this is what the Fall box came with:

  • (1) Olay Regenerist MicroSculpting Cream Moisturizer on 0.5 ounces
  • (1) Loreal Revitalift Triple Power in 0.5 ounces
  • (1) CoverGirl Continous Color lipstick in 425 Vintage Wine
  • (1) Secret Clinical Strength in 1.6 ounces
  • (1) Juicy Couture Perfume Sample in spray form .05 ounces
  • (1) Clear sample packet of Shampoo and Conditioner



Yeah, all the above and just $5! No shipping and handling fees, just 5 bucks ūüėÄ Sign-up and give it a try and hopefully the Fall box is still available and even the box itself is nice and thick, perfect for reusing and storing future sample and goodies that hopefully comes before we say goodbye to 2014.


Vocalpoint and Olay bring you Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum duo


They always say that age can be told by your eyes, so of course I carpet-bomb them in an attempt to fool everyone. ¬†Being on the not so glamorous part in my 30’s, I see those fine lines come and go and wanting to set in. ¬†I am a huge believer after losing some bank, that what you spend on a product does not equate results. ¬†I love Olay! ¬†I need to get that out there because they taught me from use and experience, that I can keep some dough in my wallet and still fight the signs of celebrating birthdays. ¬†Hey, worrying about spending too much on anti-aging products can be counterproductive!

What does the duo bring to the table:
Eye Cream- Let’s start on ingredients because just like a cake, it all is about what went into it whether it will work for you or not. ¬†I use products from the Regenerist line because they always have the right balance of peptide-B3, provitamin B5 and Hyaluronic acid. ¬†This means you get moisture to the skin and also aid in renewing your skin cells. ¬†You have vitamin E and this is an oldie but goodie in beauty products, so I do believe if you can keep it simple, why not? ¬†Vitamin E helps keep your skin soft and supple, plus you get antioxidants from the Green Tea extracts too. ¬†Not a bad cream and I have noticed from using this cream before and also in this product, that my skin is softer and more supple. ¬†I do not have any sagging but I have seen back into my gene pool, and¬†unfortunately my family can be jowly ūüôā . ¬†I have not seen mine change so I give Olay credit for that. ¬†The product helps with tone and texture too! ¬†I also like seeing aloe make the list because this is another great and simple ingredient that does not irritate but again soothes your skin. ¬†To make it short, the Niacinamide along with the¬†antioxidants¬†are the ingredients that make this product have W-O-W power!
Lash Serum- ¬†I tried finding what the serum contains chemical wise that would improve, change, or even alter the lashes. ¬†I don’t wear contacts but my eyes are always showing the signs of allergies, so they tend to be more sensitive. ¬†I watch closely what I put in them to around them because eye health is important for me too. ¬†I also want to make sure my fine lines and wrinkles are leaving, not just that my eye sight is and that is why I think I look younger! ¬†I found glycerin as an ingredient and they paired it with alcohol, which I assume is to keep things sterile. ¬†Not bad, I like clean! ¬†Other than these two ingredients, I did not find anything more that was positive or negative about the serum portion.
Directions: Very easy! ¬†You just apply once in the day and once at night to see results. ¬†The eye cream you just dab on and I was able to use small dots, so this tube will yield many applications. ¬†Make sure to target the problem areas like crows-feet and wait for the product to fully absorb before proceeding with your beauty regimen. ¬†Many eye creams do not want application on the lids and this is not one of them. ¬†You can treat your eye lids, so this is a real eye cream in my opinion! ¬†The lash serum has a nice soft brush and you apply a light coat onto lashes. ¬†I tend to use two “swapping” motions to get the inside of my lashes and also the end ones.
I found after 3.5 weeks of use, the eye cream to be easy to apply and supporting the claims made. ¬†My eye area improved and that means every fine line and wrinkle I have been fighting has not shown their face! ¬†It’s a war and so far I consider this battle won! ¬†I experienced no irritation and because the product is fragrance free, no free radicals darting towards me. ¬†My skin does feel silky and because the formula dries matte or pretty much the same shine as my skin, no oily slick left behind that not only feels like it weighs you down through out the day but tends to accentuate what you are trying to cover up or get rid of. ¬†I am very happy with this eye cream because it is really a formula that Olay has had in the past but it works and much better now with no fragrances. ¬†Improving….improving and keeping this luxury affordable. ¬†Thank you Olay!
Now, the lash serum I noticed not much happening to my lashes. ¬†Nothing positive to note or negative. ¬†I can say the product¬†separates¬†my lashes and dries quickly but that was pretty much it. ¬†I even at times had to apply mascara over the serum and it did not interfere with it but it was easier when my lashes were sort of “set” and “separated” by the applicator. ¬†Now, the applicator is rubbery and very easy to use. ¬†It actually applies the perfect amount of serum and no odd gummy or sticky feeling. ¬†If the lash serum was sold¬†separately, I would not seek it out¬†exclusively¬†but because it is there, I used it kind of thing. ¬†Now, my eye lash health was normal before but maybe the serum would nourish lashes that may need the extra moisture. ¬†Washing agents in face washes can dehydrate your lashes because they over strip but I must share that once in a while I sleep with Olive Oil on my lashes. ¬†That so makes up for what my face scrubs/washes, to water-proof mascara can do to them. ¬†Sodium peg-7 olive oil carboxylate, is an ingredient found in this duo so maybe I am on to something :). ¬†Nonetheless, if I did not do my Olive Oil treatment, then this may have shown results for me.
This product retails for $22.59 at Target and $19.41 on Amazon. ¬†Look for coupons before you purchase and don’t forget that Procter & Gamble also has rebates if you spend a certain amount on selective brands.
I received this product free of charge from VocalPoint.  I am not obligated to provide a positive/favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience and usage, which may differ from yours.

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